July 11 Mauerbach VERLT

Delivered by State Secretary Ms. Tone Skogen, July 11.

PDF version of statement.

"The spread of radicalization and violent extremism is a matter of serious concern, in the OSCEregion and beyond.  It is a key priority for Norway to prevent violent extremism in all its forms, including right-wing extremism.  Returning foreign terrorist fighters and “home grown” terrorism requires concerted action and enhanced information sharing.  The OSCE is well placed to play a key role in the effort to prevent violent extremism. The OSCE is at its most relevant when it fully uses its comprehensive approach to security, in a cross-dimensional and inclusive way. Protection of human rights is crucial to create and maintain sustainable societies. We welcome the Austrian Chairmanship’s focus on preventive efforts and youth.  Going forward, we need to better integrate the gender perspective in our efforts. A gender sensitive approach makes our efforts more effective. It gives us a better understanding of underlying drivers and how radicalisation affects women and men differently. And it is an enabler for tolerance and non-discrimination, equality and women’s rights. We have seen this first hand through our support to the Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership. 
We should reinforce our efforts and resources on prevention. This will not only reduce radicalization and violent extremism, it will contribute to creating cohesive and peaceful societies, in line with the 2030 and Sustaining Peace agendas.  States may have the primary responsibility in creating an effective response to violent extremism. But we need a whole-of-society approach. Alliances and partnerships must be built with all parts of our societies and a variety of stakeholders to stand a chance.  We must provide positive alternatives, and empower local actors who promote them. We should not only focus on what we are against but also fight for what we believe in. We need success stories and concrete examples from the field. That requires mobilizing civil society. The Global Solutions Exchange, launched by Prime Minister Erna Solberg in 2016, together with UN Women and the Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership, is a platform for bringing together civil society and governments in order to present concrete policy recommendations. We would welcome the OSCE’s participation in future events."