Projects Supported through the Flood Relief Fund in 2014

Flooding and landslides in southeastern Europe in May, led to destruction of buildings, infrastructure and agricultural areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Following this, the Norwegian Embassy in Sarajevo announced a flood relief fund for BiH.  4.000.000 NOK were redirected to support local organizations, communities and authorities in their efforts to regain normalcy and livelihood, and to develop social structures and civil society cooperation in the flooded areas. 

When selecting projects for support, the following types of activities were given priority:

  • Debris cleaning, sanitation and disinfection of public areas,
  • Municipality based activities related to the assessment of damage and planning of priority measures,
  • Provision and infrastructure of community based social services to vulnerable groups affected by the floods,
  • Cooperation between civil society organizations and municipal structures in re-establishing livelihood structures and income bases for the local population,
  • Reconstruction of public infrastructure, such as health service institutions, kindergartens, schools, shelters and other public spaces.


Project support has been allocated to the following recipients:

BHZ-14/0051.  NBR – Gradacac (NGO), Greenhouse production in Domaljevac Samac – NOK 175.885.  This project aims to generate income for families that are in financial difficulties following the floods in May.  Through the purchase and distribution of ten greenhouses and needed support materials, the project will generate income for ten families with an approximate total of 40 people.  This includes training and technical support as well. 

BHZ-14/0052.  Dar prirode Novi Grad (NGO), Foster homes reparation – floors and furniture – NOK 68.298.  This project enables the rehabilitation of foster homes.  These homes are municipality managed and take care of children whose parents are unable to provide necessary parental care.  Two foster families care for eight children, with four children in each family.  The high water level damaged the floors of the houses in particular.

BHZ-14/0553.  Leda – Zenica (NGO), Greenhouses – recovery by income generation – NOK 166.302.  This project finances the purchase of 10 greenhouses, and lectures on greenhouse production, in Zenica Municipality.  Assistance to unemployed women in rural areas, affected by landslides and floods, is vital in the empowerment of this disadvantaged social group.

BHZ-14/0054.  Library Maglaj, City library reparation – floors and walls – NOK 107.247.  Maglaj was particularly badly hit by the floods in May. The water level came high enough to severely damage both floors and walls in Maglaj city library.  A rehabilitation is strongly needed for the library to reach an acceptable standard once more.

BHZ-14/0056.  Srbac Municipality, Primary school furniture – NOK 78.098.  While the whole school was severely damaged by the floods, this particular project will finance new furniture.  The embassy’s support will be one of several vital projects needed for the school to open as early as possible into the new school year. 

BHZ-14/0057.  Doboj Jug Muncipality, Drainage and water supply system – NOK 214.310.  The drainage and water supply system in Doboj was damaged by the floods in May. This project rehabilitates them.  For hygienic reasons and with regard to the likelihood of future floods in the region, this project is important. 

BHZ-14/0058.  Vogosca Municipality, Geological research of a landslide – NOK 159.906.  This project helps finance necessary research and documentation prior to ground works for securing settlements from future landslides.

BHZ-14/0059.  Kindergarten Cika Jova Zmaj in Bijeljina, Reconstruction of heating and cooling system in kindergarten – NOK 214.494.  The kindergartens basement was flooded in May, and thus the heating system was damaged.  This kindergarten provides childcare for about 500 children from working families. This is a public kindergarten.

BHZ-14/0068.  Municipality of Tuzla, Geodetic survey – landslides - NOK 154.788,00.  By purchasing computers, measuring instruments, and proper software for data storage this project will help obtain data relevant for marking potential landslide locations in the Tuzla area.

BHZ-14/0070.  Janja High School, Reconstruction of school after flood in Janja - NOK 106.445,00. For this project, the embassy financed the reconstruction of the cabinet for IT. This project is vital for students to practice their vocations.

BHZ-14/0071.  Municipality of Petrovo, Dry Bridge - Flood prevention - NOK 207.923,00.  This project secures that the destroyed drainage system, a dry bridge, is rebuilt.  This will ensure faster draining of surrounding roads and fields when the Spreca River overflows. 

BHZ-14/0072.  Municipality of Sekovici, Reconstruction of water supply system in Sekovici - NOK 140.240,00.  Floods and landslides damaged the pipeline of the city water supply system, this project makes it operative again.   

BHZ-14/0073.  Municipality of Celinac, Reparation of water supply system in Celinac - NOK 208.716,00.  This project enables the reconstruction of the city water supply system pipeline that was damaged when the river rose during the floods.

BHZ-14/0074.  Muslim Aid, Sarajevo, Agricultural recovery of flooded areas – replanting - NOK 167.800,00.  This project supports 70 households in the Sapna area of Tuzla region and helps with the re-establishment and replanting of fruit crops.  The project also includes training on advanced techniques in fruit production

BHZ-14/0075.  International Red Cross in Brcko, Procurement of furnaces and heating fuel - NOK 208.716,00.  This project finances the procurement of heating fuel and furnaces to supply parts of the population with heating for the winter.

BHZ-14/0076.  Youth Centre Carpe Diem in Doboj, Reconstruction of Youth Centre in Doboj - NOK 185.757,00.  Reconstruction of a youth centre badly damaged by the flooding of Doboj. The centre is non-political had has approx. 250 members.

BHZ-14/0077.  Association of policewomen RS in Banja Luka, Equipping the office of police working with vulnerable groups - NOK 31.307,00.  The objective of this project is to purchase technical equipment and office supplies, and to renovate a police office in Doboj working with vulnerable groups (children, minors, women, national minorities, victims of domestic and gender based violence, and hate crime).  The specific objective of the project is to create normal working conditions for police staff engaged with these groups. 

BHZ-14/0078.  Psychiatric hospital Modriča, Replacing floor coverings in psychiatric hospital - NOK 41.743,00.  Because of the floods, the hospital floor was damaged by water and needs to be replaced and rehabilitated.

BHZ-14/0079.  UPiP Žepče, Reconstruction and business reactivation - NOK 166.347,00.  This project finances the reconstruction of a pedestrian bridge that connects a village with its fields.  This bridge also and connects a returnees' settlement with the main road.  Finally, the project also includes the purchase of ten greenhouses for farmers in the area.

BHZ-14/0080.  Kladanj Municipality, Reparation and reconstruction of Saricka Rijeka source - NOK 199.787,00.  This project aims to repair the water supply system and repair the water source of Kladanj. This will secure water for a population of approx. 7000 and significantly reduce the water loss, which is currently estimated at 65%.   

BHZ-14/0092. Elementary School Vuk Karadzic Doboj, Field school in Kostajnica – NOK 213.909,00. Reconstruction of the field school in village Kostajnica, Doboj municipality. Purchasing and replacing of doors and windows.

BHZ-14/0093. Local community Zeljezno Polje, Sanation of a landslide in local community Zeljezno Polje – NOK 212.891,00 Sanation of a landslide in local community Zeljezno Polje, Municipality of Zepce. This local community was one of the most severely damaged during the spring floods.

BHZ-14/0095. ToPeeR- Doboj, Mobile Janitor – NOK 209.305,00. - Establishing mobile teams consisting of craftsmen and volunteers. The teams will be engaged on various tasks in city of Doboj: cleaning, fixing, repairing all free of charge with focus on vulnerable groups - retired, elderly, disabled.

BHZ-14/0100. Maglaj Municipality, Recovery and revitalization of SBE - gender in Action – NOK 269.526,00. Recovery and revitalization of small business entities in Maglaj Municipality owned by women.