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Projects supported through the Embassy Fund in 2011

An overview over projects supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy through the embassy fund in 2011


International Women’s Day. Support to event at the International Women’s Day, March 8, hosted by the Center for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies. The main goal of the event was to call upon further actions for mainstreaming gender equality, as well as promotion of social activism and socially engaged citizenship.

KID’s Festival. Over 40 000 children from Bosnia and Herzegovina were taken to the Olympic Centre Zetra in Sarajevo to participate in the festival activities, which every day ran under a specific motto.

Publication of Sarajevske Sveske. Sarajevo Notebook magazine is a non-commercial project of Media Center Sarajevo which was launched in 2002. The goal is to create a public forum that will foster and encourage dialogue among liberal intellectuals and academic communities.

Promotion of Sarajevske Svjeske. Promotion event in which a number of prominent authors partook along with talented students of literature from each university in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Women Peacemakers. Project working on the implementation of the UN Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security. This is a joint project between Transcultural Psychosocial Education Foundation (TPO) and the University of Edinburgh, where TPO is in charge of the following three phases: Design research analysis on women peace-makers in the world – positive paradigms; Publishing the handbook on women peacemakers with workshop instruction; Delivering six workshops in six cities.

Nansen Dialogue Center. Printing and distribution of the report “The missing peace – the need for a long term strategy in BiH“. The report outlines community perceptions of the current political and economic situation and analyzes some of the deeper drivers of conflict which remain unaddressed in BiH.

Old Orthodox Church. Project that aims to provide psychosocial support to Orthodox parishioners in the Sarajevo parish. This will be achieved by establishing a day care centre for elderly, providing individual and family psychosocial counseling, organizing youth groups, creative workshops and groups of learning. The day care center will be a meeting place for elderly people of all faiths in the area of the parish.

Parents advocating quality education. Project aimed at reducing segregation and discrimination in schools by building parent capacity in creating mutual trust and respect among parents, teachers and students in segregated areas with a high percentage of parent returnees and Roma people.

Srebrenica – Mapping Genocide. Interactive web site developed by Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR) BiH as an educational resource. The web site presents a map of events and detailed information around the events that led to the genocide in Srebrenica.

1st Student Film Festival. Film festival arranged by Students Association of Academy of Performing Arts Sarajevo (ASASUS). The festival gathers young film authors from all over the region and features more than 50 student films from Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Zagreb, Belgrade, Cetinje, Pristina, Skopje and Ljubljana.

Sarajevo Film Festival. The project Sarajevo Talent Campus is an annual seven-day educational and networking platform for talented young film professionals that takes place as part of the Sarajevo Film Festival. The program consists of lectures, panels, discussions, practical tutorials, workshops and excursions, and brings up-and-coming film talents from thirteen countries of Southeast Europe together with peers and established film professionals.

FC Lokomotiva Mostar. Support for football team from Mostar to travel to Norway and participate in the annual football tournament Norway Cup.

The Norwegian Film School. Support the production of a film which deals with the identity of Bosnians living in Scandinavia. The film touches topics such as belonging, past and exile identity, and the filming is supposed to start in the end of February/beginning of March 2012 in Mostar. The film is expected to be completed in June 2012.

Documentary film about ordinary people’s life during the siege of Sarajevo. Support the production of a documentary film about Sarajevo which is going to be screened at the 20th Anniversary of the siege of Sarajevo in 2012.  The producer of the documentary is Svetlana Broz, Josip Broz Tito’s grandchild, and is going to provide insight into ordinary people’s life during the siege of Sarajevo 1992-1995.



 Alternative Television. Support to the production of the political talk show Amplituda. This is a live TV debate that brings together representatives of different and opposing political parties, experts and professionals to discuss political, economic, regional, social, cultural and other issues. The Norwegian Embassy will support five shows with the following topics: NATO and BiH; Public expenses in BiH – where is the money going?; Public opinion and the spiral of silence; A look on BiH from the surrounding countries; European way – what is a European clause.

“New Perspectives”. Academic journal aiming to contribute to the affirmation and inclusion of young intellectuals into the political and social life of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The journal is intended to be a space for constructive dialogue and the bringing together of politicians and decision makers.

Media assistance in post-conflict countries. Support given to PhD-student presenting the research paper “Media Assistance in Post-conflict Countries” at Istanbul conference arranged by the International Association for media and Communication Research

On line People’s office. Project conducted by the Centre for Responsible Democracy - CRD Luna, aiming to increase transparency in the work of government at local level by increasing citizen participation. Citizens are through online networks and communication to be encouraged to make pressure on local authorities to be more responsible and transparent in their work.

”Born to be Gay”. Translation and publication of the book ”Born to be Gay: A History on Homosexuality”. The long-term goal of the project is to include lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual issues into the cultural life in BiH and to better the acceptance of these issues in the region.

Sixth International Conference on Unity and Plurality in Europe. Annual three day conference held in Mostar. Topics for 2011 are European Values and Plural Heritage, Nationalism in the Balkans, the Right to Truth: Human Rights and Plural Histories.

School of Political Studies BiH. “Building bridges Between Young Politicians and State Agencies and Institutions” is a political education program that aims to help young leaders who are active in politics, business, public administration, civil society and the media to increase their understanding of politics, culture of dialogue, human rights and rule of law.                                                                        

Mini-Input Conference. Support for holding of Mini-Input Conference on television’s role in the civil society. The conference presented several films and documentaries, among them the Norwegian “Trekant”, based on the NRK-program from 2011. This year’s conference aimed to question to what extent public television can act as a real and effective "input” to influence on the civil society and contribute to deeper changes in the society.

News magazine Republika. Support 18 publications of the news magazine “Republika”. The magazine is dedicated to promote and inform about Euro-Atlantic integration, reforms and the international community’s commitment in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and through this channel contribute to support the development of a more democratic Bosnia and Herzegovina.



 Facing Justice. Support to ensure the continuation of the Facing Justice radio program in the Balkans. Facing Justice is a very popular weekly half-hour radio program on war crimes and transitional justice issues, produced by Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) in cooperation with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

HJPC. Support to advanced staff training and education, M.Sc. Counter Fraud and Counter Corruption and/or International Criminal Justice.

Court Support Network. Project aimed at contributing to the establishment of Rule of Law in BH, overcoming the legacy of war crimes, creating a sense of justice and making the justice system more effective in its work in combating impunity for severe war crimes committed during the war. The main activities will be debates and round tables in local communities, TV round tables, as well as activities to increase capacities of NGOs and associations to promote fight against impunity. The project is conducted by the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Republika Srpska.

Evidentiary support to the Srebrenica Prosecution Team. Project aiming to ensure sustainability of the evidentiary activities of the Srebrenica team of the Special Department of War Crimes of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH upon transition to local control in 2012.

Investigative support to the Srebrenica Prosecution Team. Project aiming to increase investigative field capabilities and victim outreach and support for the Srebrenica Prosecution Team, as part of ensuring a successful transition to local control in 2012.



 BiH Armed Forces. Donation of IT equipment to the Training and Doctrine Command’s library in Travnik. The aim of the project is to enhance the quality of BiH armed forces’ military training.

NATO in RS. Project conducted by NATO HQ Sarajevo, where they will organize a series of seminars in order to debate what NATO membership entails in nine selected cities in Republika Srpska. The debate will focus on the political, economic, and military benefits of NATO membership.

English language training of BiH armed forces. A project conducted by the NATO Advisory Team which provides English language training to civilian personnel from the Presidency of BiH, as well as employees of the BiH MoD.

Security Risk Analysis Study. Research project aimed at conducting a thorough assessment of the security situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina – inter alia potential for eruption of interethnic conflict and how quickly incidents could escalate. This information would be provided to Western policymakers so their engagement in the country is based on informed analysis. The research will be conducted by the Democratization Policy Council.

Publication of security study. Support to the printing and publishing of the book Security risks and fundamental social values in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The book is based on an in-depth study of the impact of security risks on social values in BiH.



 Inter-entity tourism promotion Doboj Region. Project aimed at opening up a market for distribution of handiworks and homemade products within the Kotromanicevo settlement in Doboj region. It will also include roundtables and workshops on reconciliation and economic sustainability of return. The coordinating body of this project is ROTOR, Organization for Development of Tourism of the Doboj Region.

Volunteer Finance 2011. Support to the NGO Infohouse run project “Volunteer Finance 2011”. The project in 2010 gave more than 4000 high school students trough out BiH the chance to work as volunteers for one day. The money they raise goes into the “Social Day Account” and the participating schools develop concepts for social projects which are presented at the Idea Fair. The best five projects are implemented, with the funds collected during the Social Day. The Volunteer-Finance initiative started in 2007. It is designed to foster social volunteering and integration among Bosnia and Herzegovina’s youth and business, as well as to boost the self-confidence and the prospects of the young.

Stolac Summer Academy. Cultural program aiming to contribute to the development and branding of the town Stolac. By featuring film, theatre, new media and contemporary arts, the program seeks to contribute to cultural tourism initiatives and increased employment in Stolac, as well as to create and strengthen artistic and cultural networks in the country and region.

Communal Utility in Sekovici. Purchase of garbage containers and bins in order to protect the environment in Sekovici, improve the quality of life for the citizens, as well as promote the area as a potential tourist destination.

Inter-Entity cooperation and integration of local communities of Ljubinje and Ravno through agricultural production. A cooperation project between BiH NGOs and Norwegian partners aiming to enable inter-entity cooperation, integration and socio-economic development of the two communities Ljubinje and Ravno by providing support to economic, environmental and social sustainability through agricultural production. By linking local agricultural producers to Norwegian partners and providing adequate training in growing and monitoring the production of selected cultures, the project also aims to establish long-term trade relationships between Norwegian and Hercegovinian partners based on agricultural production, as well as to encourage economic sustainability for the local population in the Popovo Field area.

Flood prevention in the Popovo field. People Organize Prevention of Water Overflow is a dialogue and coordination program conducted by The Entrepreneurship and Business Association LiNK in the Popovo field, an agricultural area exposed to water overflow. The aim of the project is to strengthen the role of civil society in the area, initiate communication between local communities from the two BiH entities, and to coordinate flood prevention and management in the Popovo field. 

U.G. Berek. Tailoring workshop for 40 unemployed women in Prijedor. After completing an educational course equipping them with qualification in sewing and tailoring, the women will receive a job contract with a local company.

Municipality of Stolac. Restoration of the school sports hall in Stolac, that are used by approximately 1200 students as well as members of sports associations in the municipality.

International Mostar Blues Festival. Pavarotti Music Centre arranges the 9th International Mostar Blues Festival this year. The festival promotes Mostar and Herzegovina as a destination for tourism and culture.

Tutti Stolac. Project contributing to local development in Stolac. Band music and cultural arrangements are central components of the work of The Tutti Foundation in Stolac. This year will furthermore see the start-up of a local project office.

Migafex d.o.o. Support is given to help finance raw materials, production equipment and salaries for six workers. Migafex is a company that wants to restart the production of tahini-halva (Turkish candy made out of sesame) in Sarajevo.



 Ski Club Romanija. Support to cross-country/biathlete to train with Lillehammer Ski Club for educational purposes of the Ski Club Romanija. See article for more information.

Constitutional Law and EU Law education. Education program for law students of universities in BiH in the areas of Constitutional Law and European Union (EU) Law. The program includes two weeks of presentations, seminars, workshops, and studies under the guidance of an International Faculty consisting of law professors and other experts in the areas of Constitutional Law and EU Law from Glasgow, Brussels, Virginia and Hamburg for law students in BiH. It also includes law courses and seminars at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, Bucerius Law School, Hamburg, Germany, and University of Virginia, School of Law, Charlottesville, U.S.A. The project is conducted by the Embassy of the Sovereign order of Malta in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

School for Civil Society Building. Project conducted by Atlantic Initiative aimed at educating young students in BiH in civil society building. Furthermore, the project also provides these students with internships in order to prepare them for local leadership in BiH.

Summer University in Srebrenica. Support to the Summer University in Srebrenica hosted by Srebrenica Renaissance. This is a two-month program staring in July 2011 for postgraduate students and researchers to conduct research projects on topics related to Genocide, Transitional Justice, Post-Conflict Studies, and Human Rights.

Days of Architecture 2011. Architect festival run by the Association of Students of Architecture. The main goal of the project is education for the students and lecturers of the Faculty of Architecture. In addition, it also aims at creating a good cooperation between local architects and students of the faculty. During the festival there will be a series of lectures held by local and international students, as well as exhibitions displaying the works of prominent architects.

Technical workshops for young people in Mostar. Project organizing workshops and courses for children and youth in model-making, robotics, electronics and informatics. The project’s purpose is to introduce young people to various technologies and to increase their interest in technology in general. The long-term goal is to contribute to more and better students enrolled in technical schools and faculties.

Primary music school Sarajevo. Professional saxophone-course and seminar in Sarajevo for students of saxophone from all over BiH, from primary school age to academy level (8-21).

Study of blood transfusion services in BiH. Master thesis on quality management of blood transfusion services in BiH. The study’s purpose is to benefit hospitals, the FBiH Ministry of Health as well as the Institute of Blood Transfusion of FBiH.

Faculty of Agriculture. Support given to lecturer at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of East Sarajevo, for attendance at the summer school of International Comparative Rural Policy Studies (ICRPS) in Oslo.

Exhibition of Norwegian Architecture. Exhibition of the work of the Norwegian architects Jensen & Skodvin as part of the event Days of Architecture 2011

Donja Vidovska school. “Bridge to Bosnia” is a project conducted by Lions Club Vågå with the aim of improving conditions for learning, education and pedagogical activity at the school Donja Vidovska in Velika Kladusa.

The Public Library of Srebrenica. Procurement of equipment for the local book collection with the intent of enriching the library collection, achieving a higher quality of library services as well as increasing the level of cultural awareness in the city.

Happy Roma Tuzla. Support of an education program for Roma-children in primary school in Tuzla. The project’s goal is to reduce discrimination against the Roma population in Tuzla, inform Roma-parents about the importance of that their children are getting education, and arrange additional lessons for 50 Roma-children.

Keep Roma-children in the school system. A project coordinated by ALFA Humanitarian Organization. The project aims to prepare Roma-children in Bihac for school through among other things different workshops focusing on education and creativity. In addition, the project is going to support and help parents register their children into school. The long-term goal is to reduce the number of Roma-children quitting school in young age.

Donate books to school libraries in Republika Srpska. Purchase of books to be donated to school libraries in RS as a part of NATO’s Outreach Program. The program aims to promote the defense- and security sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and contribute to Euro-Atlantic integration.