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Projects supported through Strengthening Civil Society Fund 2011

An overview over projects supported trough the Strengthening Civil Society Fund 2011.

BHZ-11/0026 United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

The project, “Local CSOs monitoring Implementation of CRC at the at the Municipal level in BiH focusing on excluded communities/families”, aims to make available local CSO (Civil Society Organizations) activists in the 21 municipalities with knowledge of the monitoring of compliance UN convention on the rights of children. UNICEF also wants to teach them how to contact and lobby with local authorities in the monitoring process.

BHZ-11/0024 Media Initiatives (MI) Organization for the development of media and promotion of professional journalism.

The project, “BE R.O.M.A.L.E.N.-Establishing common ground for coexistence between Roma and other majority communities”, is working to strengthen the Roma minority rights. MI would like to strengthen the Roma people’s freedom of expression through their right of communication through such media, and works to protect the Roma from discrimination in education, media production, legal rights and cooperation with the government at NGO sector.

 BHZ-11/0025 Transparency International Bosnia and Herzegovina (TI BiH).

The “AC/DC Anti-corruption Delivering Change”, aims to create mechanisms to support peoples rights, introduce mechanisms to combat corruption and enhance integrity within the institutions, capacity building, promoting good governance and accountability in local administration. 

BHZ-11/0028: Prava za sve (Rights for everyone).

The project “Women’s human rights Agenda” will focus on violations of womens rights and inconsistent impelementation og these rights. Prava za sve want to build up knowledge and ability to take action for non-governmental organizations working for human rights, and create a sustainable dialogue with parliamentary commitees in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The goal is to achieve a monitoring system so that violations of women’s human rights more easily can be detected and turned down.

BHZ-11/0023 Centre for Informational Decontamination of youth (CID).

The project “Buka- strengthening citizen journalism and new media as a tool for democratization in BiH” aims to encourage and show people in Bosnia-Herzegovina, how they can use their democratic rights to participate in political and social process in society. CID has mainly focused  on how people can use the media to particitpate in public debate.

BHZ-11/0022: Handicap international (HI).

The project “Strenghtening civil society involvement in mine action policy making process in Bosnia and Herzegovina”. Wants to promote Civil Society Organizations (CSO), and strengthen  their capacity to actively participate in the negotiation and implementation of action plan for cleaning and handling of landmines and cluster bombs. The recently adopted policy in this area, and it is now important that this be followed up.