Projects Supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Sarajevo 2014

Projects Supported through the Embassy Fund and the Strengthening Civil Society Fund in 2014

Embassy and Civil Society Fund in 2014


The Embassy Fund is an integrated part of the overall Norwegian assistance to the Western Balkans. The assistance should be of use to all levels of society. Most often applicants are institutions and organizations in the public sector or civil society. Ethnic minorities, children, young people and women are particularly important target groups

Prioritized areas are:

  1. Good governance, including justice sector ( Anti-corruption, transparency and accountability, democratization processes, independent media)
  2. Defense and security sector reform
  3. Economic development
  4. Reconciliation and interethnic dialogue
  5. Human rights, gender equality, LGBT

Organizations supported:

BHZ 14-0001 - Sarajevo Winter Festival - Walk: Encounters, NOK 10.000
Assistance to Sarajevo Winter Art and Culture Festival; exhibition "Walk: Encounters" by Mr.Magnus Bjerk 

BHZ 14-0002 - Nansen Dialogue Center, BiH - Trafficking-problem that continues, NOK 55.300 
Commemoration of the International Women's Day, organised by NDC Sarajevo and Mostar - screening of the movie “The Whistleblower”, followed by discussion on the problem of trafficking in Bosnia and Herzegovina.   

BHZ 14-0003 - British Embassy, Sarajevo - Preventing Sexual Violence in conflict, NOK 68.573 
Support organization of a conference on Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict (PSVI) – a stronger Role for Regional Security Forces on Peace Support Operations, coordinated by the British Embassy Defence Section and Peace Support Operations Training Centre (PSOTC) and hosted by the BiH Ministry of Defence (MoD). Support of UNSC Resolution 1325 and focus on developing a stronger PSVI role for military and police components when deployed on peace support operations.

BHZ 14-0004 - NGO Udruzene, Sarajevo - Visit of Norwegian Wool Designers, NOK 57.048 
Visit of the Norwegian wool designers to two associations gathering women - victims of violence using knitting as a therapy

BHZ 14-0005 - Jazzfest, Sarajevo – Visit to Nutshell, NOK 4.307
This showcase is an opportunity for representative of Jazz Fest Sarajevo to meet new Norwegian artists and their project as well as new music collaborations on Norwegian scene which will eventually be presented on Jazz Fest Sarajevo in next years.

BHZ 14-0009 - Centar za pravna istrazivanja i ljudska prava, Tuzla - Mediation at Tuzla Court in Practice, NOK 84.389 
Making overview and statistical research of the court cases solved by mediation at Tuzla Municipal Court 

BHZ 14-0011- Djeca svjetlosti, Banjaluka -Treatment and training of autistic children, NOK 32.667 
Training of parents and experts in field of work with autistic children. The training will cover treatments by massage and physical activities. Around 40 autistic children will benefit from the training  

BHZ 14-0012 - NGO Ja vrijedim, Sarajevo - Together trough art, NOK 156.119 
The project is aimed for organization and execution of four art exhibitions in Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Siroki Brijeg and Trebinje (cities where Art academies are located) where 40 best students (10 from each Academy) should present 5 of their arts each.

BHZ 14-0013 - NGO Kreativni centar, Trebinje - No Limits, NOK 194.116  
The project is aimed for infrastructural adjustment of the Trebinje Cultural Hall for the use by persons with physical disabilities and raising awareness of the general population about necessity for better social inclusion of the persons with physical disabilities.

BHZ 14-00014 - NGO Svjetlo, Vitez - Education of women on early discovery of breast cancer, NOK 153.166
Education of women in rural areas on importance of early discovery of breast cancer.

BHZ 14-0015 - Doboj correctional institute - Re-socialization of convicts, NOK 82.950 Establishment of a glass-house for vegetable production to be used in every day work by the convicts living in Doboj correctional institute.

BHZ 14-0016 - The Sovereign Order of Malta - Comparative Constitutional Law and European Law 2014 – 2015, NOK 206.753 
The program serves to add in-depth education of senior and post-graduate law students of the Universities in Sarajevo, Mostar, Banja Luka and Tuzla in the areas of Constitutional law and EU law.

BHZ 14-0017 - NGO Mladi volonteri, Visoko - Stand up and get lucky, NOK 166.449 
Youth empowerment through developing community spirit. Establishing ten youth-education organizations/centers in ten municipalities, networking and joint acting with goal to educate youth to take part in local communities and local political life. Direct beneficiaries are 300 youngsters living across BiH.  

BHZ 14-0018 - Jewish Community in Doboj - Music Education Center, NOK 163.094 
Setting up and equipping music education center in the Jewish Community in city of Doboj. The center will serve as a point of implementing different musical/educational projects with focus on reconciliation and music therapy. 

BHZ 14-0019 - Local Community Gradac -  Equipping school in Gradac, NOK 32.867 Furnishing and refurbishing two classrooms in a poor village primary school. There will be two classrooms, total 100m2 refurbished and equipped with 30 tables and 60 chairs. Total number of school students is 44.  

BHZ 14-0020 - PD Dzemal Bijedic - Prodjoh Bosnom kroz gradove, NOK 29.199
Organizing series of visits to different destinations in BiH for poor primary school aged children. Visits to different historical sites, but mostly visits to natural sites. Education on nature, environment protection. Ten destinations in total     

BHZ 14-0021 - ICRC Brcko - Equipping of Brcko District Red Cross water rescue unit, NOK 133.124
Equipping of Brcko Distric Red Cross Water Rescue Unit with an adequate rescue boat and other necessary equipment for conducting search and rescue missions on the river.

BHZ 14-0022 - NGO Natura Relax, Sanski Most - Rural tourism and youth, NOK 38.705 
Education of citizens/youth of Sanski Most on importance of environment protection and opportunities available in rural tourism.

BHZ 14-0023 - Roma Info Center, Gradiska - Save the language, culture and tradition, NOK 206.036
Raising of awareness of Roma children in elementary schools about the importance of their naive tongue, history, tradition and culture. Workshops/lectures organized, 8 times a month. Providing with educational materials - books, notebooks...etc. Objective of the project is to preserve Roma identity through preservation of their language, history and culture.

BHZ 14-0024 - Directorate for police bodies coordination - Capacity Strengthening of Directorate for police bodies’ coordination, NOK 210.972
Procurement of computer equipment for the sector of international operational police cooperation within Directorate for police bodies’ coordination.

BHZ 14-0027 - NGO Nasa perspektiva, Sarajevo - Integrated system of managing diaspora investments in BiH, NOK 115.191
Increasing living standards of citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina through creating preconditions to increase investments from BiH diaspora. Promoting BiH as a favorable investment destination. Creating preconditions to increase the degree of cooperation between local companies and companies abroad owned by BiH diaspora.

BHZ 14-0028 – Koraci nade, Tuzla - A day in my wheelchair, NOK 179 035,00
Series of education and creative workshops for disabled children, creative workshops with healthy children and work with teachers in schools, all in order for better inclusion of disabled children in society and existing school system

BHZ 14-0029 - Mostar Blues & Rock Festival - 12th Mostar Blues & Rock Festival, NOK 101 .393
Mostar Blues & Rock Festival acts as a platform for intercultural dialog and uses music as an universal language to overcome differences and promote common human values.

BHZ 14-0030 - Association of Women Judges in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Women judges advancing gender equality in BH judiciary, NOK 199.327 
Increasing knowledge on impact of gender on the judiciary among male and female judges trough strengthening of capacities, cohesion among members and visibility of Association of Women Judges in BiH.

BHZ 14-0031 - University of Sarajevo-  Sarajevo Chamber Music Institute 2014, NOK 84.389
Project involves 55 most talented young musicians from ten music academies and music high schools  from BiH and the Balkan region. Students who belong to different backgrounds meet for the first time to work and cooperate on a high level coached by international music stars.

BHZ 14-0033 - IWPR - Institute for War and Peace Reporting- Challenges of Transition, NOK 210.875
Production of a documentary, highlighting community level efforts at peace building and reconciliation. Documentary will support reconciliation in the West Balkans trough analysis of the recent past, reporting on transitional justice and advancement of investigative journalism.

BHZ 14-0034 - Boram - Forum for Prosperity and Jobs, NOK 771.836
Maintaining the socio-economic importance of the findings of the Conference for Prosperity and Jobs. A 1-day consultation conference in Banjaluka, continuation of the public media campaign related to the BiH socio-economic situation and the reform recommendations of the Forum and its consultations. Cooperation with World Bank, IMF, EBRD and other IC including EU Member States, US, Turkey

BHZ 14-0036 - Football Academy Academica - Football unites Bosnia and Hercegovina, NOK 43.691
Contribution to peace, reconciliation, and interethnic cooperation trough sport, as well as overcoming the rural-urban gap. Participation of an interethnic football team in 2014 Norway Cup.

BHZ 14-0037 - Gender Centre of Republika Srpska - Choose Equality, NOK 144.980
Support to implementation of traditional campaign on increased participation of women in politics. The aim of the campaign is to support participation of women in politics regardless of political option.

BHZ 14-0038 - AgroLink Sarajevo - Export Coaching Program – ECP, NOK 171.394
Development of skills of export oriented agro-business and individual producers in order to increase export readiness of agro business in BiH. Raising the awareness on EU market requirements related to food safety, quality and control.

BHZ 14-0040 - NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation - Benefits of NATO integration trough building Safe Communirties, NOK 257.614
Raising awareness of local communities on benefits of NATO integration and the role of NHQSa trough sharing of experience and promotion of corporation between local authorities.

BHZ 14-0042 - Bosnia and Herzegovina Ministry of Security - EUROSTAT Reporting, NOK 187.844
Upgrading the System of exchange of data on follow-up of migrations statistics (Eurostat).  Supporting policy makers to provide evidence based decisions on issues related to migration. In the log term, this support will enable quality reporting in the area of migration in line with EU standards.   

BHZ 14-0043 - Euro Rom, Tuzla - Strengthening Roma community Poljice through education - phaze II, NOK 100.756
Promotion and encouragement of education among Roma population in area of Poljice settlement, phaze 2  

BHZ 14-0044 - Bonaventura Association, Sarajevo - Courtroom in BiH, NOK 168.678
Purpose of this project is to encourage women in justice system in BiH to increase their engagement and role for the general benefit of the professional and overall community in BiH. Additionaly, strengthening confidence in the justice system of BiH  through 12 episodes of the TV/Video format show, 20 minutes each, using the similar format from other countries.   

BHZ 14-0048 - NGO Obala Art Centar, Sarajevo - Talents Sarajevo & Sarajevo City of Film, NOK 107.247
Support to the Sarajevo Film Festival 2014 through the following sections: Talents Sarajevo and Sarajevo City of Film - supporting the realisation of short micro-budget films by young filmmakers who have participated in the previous editions of Talents Sarajevo, modelled as a link between training, networking and the film industry

BHZ 14-0049 - Zena Romkinja, Zavidovici - For better tomorrow of Roma children and youth, NOK 100.808
Encouraging Roma children from city of Zavidovici to attend the school and return to education system of Roma youth who left their schools - primary and secondary. The aim of the project is to strengthen Roma community through education. This project is continuation of the successfully implemented project from 2013. 

BHZ 14-0060 - NGO Udruzene, Sarajevo - Needlework for Social and Economic Empowerment of Women in BiH, NOK 214.494
Providing women in BiH an opportunity to gain an income through knitting activities. Helping women to overcome their status of victims and to become economically empowered, competent, active and equal members of civil society in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They will become independent thanks to their own abilities, gain back their self-confidence and security and reintegrate into the society

BHZ 14-0062 - Atlantic Initiative, Sarajevo – The Lure of the Syrian War, NOK 130.198
The study will be based on an extensive research examining the dynamics of the civil war in Syria, and the role of foreign fighters, especially those from the Balkans. It will look into recruitment patterns and trends, networks of support, individual profiles, and affiliation with various opposition militias in Syria, most recent assessment of the size of the Balkan contingent in Syria, as well as security and social impact that Syrian veterans could have once they return.

BHZ 14-0063 - British Embassy, Sarajevo - Prevention of sexual violence - training course / film, 
NOK 214.494 
Support of the deployment of a Mobile Training Team in October 2014 to Albania and to the Western Balkan Region in 2015  to deliver PSO-relevant training material, including a new module covering the Prevention of Sexual Violence, and to sponsor the attendance in September 2014 of suitable students from across the region to a Utility of Gender and Prevention Sexual Violence training course.  Furthermore, to support the directing, filming, editing and producing 2 films on the topic.

BHZ 14-0065 - URBAN Association, Sarajevo - From Bosnia to Norway, NOK 99.766 
Making a portrait of the Bosnian and Sarajevo diaspora in Norway in a series of photographs of the objects that individuals have taken into exile with them far from their original homes. The project's main objective is to bring Sarajevo and Bosnia closer to the rest of Europe and to tone down the tragic images they currently conjure up by placing the city and its inhabitants in a European context.

BHZ 14-0066 - LSI - Landmine Survivors Initiatives - Education Support - Mine and Cluster Munitions Victims, NOK 9.601
General education support to Mine and Cluster Munition victims

BHZ 14-0067 - NDC - Nansen Dialogue Centre, local office - Stolac for Youth, NOK 104.358
Project will improve everyday life for schoolchildren in Stolac by refurbishing the IT classroom, purchasing the instruments for Stolac Brass Band and help implement several other small projects.

BHZ 14-0069 - University of Sarajevo - Veterinary faculty - Stray dogs, NOK 208.345
Improvement of the current security situation in Sarajevo with regard to stray dogs problem. Establishing of an urgent vet-clinic with focus on adopted stray dogs and their treatment.

BHZ 14-0081 - IOM - International Organisation for Migration – Preventiva, NOK 816.427
Objective of this project is to enhance the capacities of Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Health (Federation of BiH and Republic of Srpska) in providing systematic response to mental health issues of current and discharged personnel of armed forces of BiH. This will also contribute to security and stability. This Project has a broader regional and Euro-Atlantic integration perspective.

BHZ 14-0082 - Boram - Compact for growth and jobs, NOK 1.206.004
Compact for growth and jobs will promote and present education and job opportunities as the part of the COMPACT agenda and engage media in conveying two of the most important project messages - Priority of job creation and the importance of creating equal social opportunity for all.

BHZ 14-0083 NDC - Nansen Dialogue Centre - local office - Sport connects Lillehammer and Sarajevo, NOK 189.556 
Project related to training of the staff of EYOWF 2017 from specific sectors for successful realization of the games. Visit of representatives of Lillehammer community, Olympic Committee of Norway and NDC and dialogue in order to detect problems/needs/challenges. Study visit of Sarajevo and East Sarajevo representatives to Lillehammer. 

BHZ 14-0096 Obrazovanje gradi BiH - Support to Roma students, NOK 140.093
Support to students of Roma national minority in social need - Distribution of equipment for regular attendance in sport education for 262 beneficiaries - students of high schools and faculties all over BiH.

BHZ 14-0097 – NDC Mostar – Integrated Education , NOK 78 719 
The project will adress lack of necessary competence of the teachers and education workers  for work in multicultural enviroment. 

, NOK 60 000
Assistance to promissing crosscountry and biathlon competitor Teodora Djukic, participant of EYOWF 2015 and candidate for Winter Olympics 2018. Training in Norway.

Anual diplomatic winter bazaar. Raising money for 3 charitable projects to help children in need, disadvantaged and orphan children.



The overall goal of the Strengthening Civil Society Fund is to strengthen the participation and competence of civil society organizations in BiH in their role as civil watchdogs, conducting advocacy and monitoring political and public institutions’ priorities, performance and reforms, hereby contributing to social and political development in BiH.

Prioritized areas are:

  1. Good governance, including justice sector (Anti-corruption, transparency and accountability, democratization processes, election, independent media)
  2. Defense and security sector reform
  3. Economic development
  4. Reconciliation and interethnic dialogue
  5. Human rights, gender equality, LGBT

Organizationz Supported:

BHZ 14-0006 - JAZZ FEST SARAJEVO, HALKA,  NOK 500 000, - Music projects including musicians from both, Republika Srpska and Federation, recording an album of traditional Bosnian songs, plus 14 concerts at medieval fortresses and concert venues. Promotion of LGBT rights.

BHZ 14-0007 – JAZZ FEST SARAJEVO, MUSIC MEETING, NOK 500 000, - Project for young musicians from BiH and Western Balkans. More than 35 activities enabling artists to meet colleagues, collaborate, gain new knowledge from lecturers and contribute to the development of civil society and to reconciliation process.

BHZ 14-0008 – WOMEN ASSOCIATION UDRUZENE, KNITTING FOR AN EMPOWERED LIFE, NOK 62 996, - Joint project of two NGOs aiming for the improvement of lives of women - victims of war. Parallel process - inclusion in society and legislation and recovery/empowering through knitting and employment

BHZ 14-0010 – INDEPENDENT UNIVERSITY OF BANJA LUKA, EDUCATION OF FEMALE MEMBERS OF POLITICAL PARTIES IN BIH, NOK 1 589 382, - Project educates close to 600 female members of political parties from BiH for active involvement in work of political subjects.

BHZ 14-0039 - MOSTAR ROCK SCHOOL, MOSTAR ROCK SCHOOL, NOK 508 410, Rebuilding the ties between youth from two sides of the divided city trough shared passion - rock music. Promotion of the Mostar Rock School as a sustainable, well-known platform for inter-ethnic communication and cooperation among young people in the Mostar region.

BHZ 14-0041 – ATV ALTERNATIVNA TV BANJA LUKA, SPEAK UP TOO, NOK 521 524, - Series of debates / TV shows with youth age 16-25 from various cities in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Debates will promote culture of dialogue and respect for diversity and multiculturalism, and non-violent conflict resolution.

BHZ 14-0045 – NDI NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTE, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA’S 2014 GENERAL ELECTIONS CITIZEN ELECTION MONITOR, NOK 2 000 000, - The creation and development of a domestic coalition of citizen election observation groups who contribute to monitoring efforts in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s general elections in October 2014.

BHZ 14-0046 – SARAJEVO OPEN CENTRE, STEP UP, NOK 557 686, - Advocating and raising awareness of the rights of LGBT people in Bosnia and Hercegovina

BHZ 14-0047 – CURE FOUNDATION, STRENGTHENING BIH WOMEN`S NETWORK TO ENHANCE WOMEN`S RIGHTS, NOK 514 718, - Strengthening of  the BiH Women's Network through support to the development of women´s rights organizations, monitoring of women´s rights countrywide and advocating on national and international level.

BHZ 14-0050 – NANSEN DIALOGUE CENTRE SARAJEVO, MY CONSTITUTION FOR ALL, NOK 493 337, - The aim of this project is to improve and increase students' knowledge and understanding of the Constitution and how it affects them with focus on civic, particularly, youth activism concerning constitutional processes.  

BHZ 14-0089 – MEDICA ZENICA, INSTITUTIONAL AND COORDINATED SUPPORT AND ASSISTANCE TO SURVIVORS OF GBV, NOK 512 356, Through the implementation period of this project, Medica Zenica will be providing comprehensive services to approximately  540  persons of various, age, gender, nationality and profession, trough advocacy work, prevention, education.

BHZ 14-0090 – U.G. STOP MOBBING, STOP CORRUPTION - IMPROVE HEALTH, NOK 545 854, This project`s focus is on corruption in healthcare.  It acts through formation of anti-corruption teams in 6 healthcare institutions in Trebinje and Mostar and training of 1200 healthcare staff, unions, and CS individuals in fighting corruption. Finally, it would work on public education through a media campaign.

Operation Kino travels towards its audience aiming at enhancing the educational and cultural aspect of cinema in areas where the audio-visual content on the big screen is underexposed and creating meeting points for activities and dialogue in ethnically divided areas.

BHZ 14-0099 – RADIO SARAJEVO FILM FESTIVAL – GENDER, MINORITIES, EU INTEGRATUION, NOK 494 862. - Improvement of the political news section on web portal and promotion of EU integration process, increase visibility of minorities and promotion of human rights, further including of female columnists, improving the high-quality content on web and radio.

BHZ 14-0102 – COUNCIL OF EUROPE – STRENGTHENING DEMOCRATIC ELECTORAL CULTURE AND ROLE OF YOUNG POLITICAL LEADERS, NOK 1 090 000 - The project's aim is to provide young potential political leaders with access to European standards for a democratic culture, human rights and  rule of  law, while focusing on improving electoral culture and administration, including at the local level.