Projects Supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Sarajevo 2013

Projects Supported through the Embassy Fund and the Strengthening Civil Society Fund in 2013

Embassy and Civil Society Fund in 2013


The Embassy Fund is an integrated part of the overall Norwegian assistance to the Western Balkans. The assistance should be of use to all levels of society. Most often applicants are institutions and organizations in the public sector or civil society. Ethnic minorities, children, young people and women are particularly important target groups

Priorities for the Embassy Fund for 2013 are activities that encourage:

• Peace and reconciliation through culture and the arts, sports, employment or other activities. 
• Education and youth
• Democratization and media
• Judicial sector
• Security sector, including disarmament and demobilization
• Business development, employment and infrastructure

Organizations supported:

Woman Association Udruzene, Association for preservation of handicraft in BiH,
Exhibition at Kid's Fashion Show Playtime in Tokyo -  NOK 52.901,00 
Production of different fashion products for children in collaboration with Bosnian and French designers. Empowerment and employment of women - war violence victims.

Women’s Dection of the Association of War victims, Knitting Programme -  NOK 8.127,00 Women - members were victims of war violence, camp inmates and victims of rape. The section uses joint knitting sessions as a tool of inclusion and empowerment.

Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta, Comparative Constitutional Law and European Law 2013 - NOK 184. 364,00.The program serves to add in-depth education of senior and post-graduate law students of the Universities in Sarajevo, Mostar, Banja Luka and Tuzla in the areas of Constitutional law and EU law.

NATO, Strategic Communications Laboratories – NOK 127. 926,00 Analysis / surveys conducted to measure the attitudes and perception of NATO in its local area of operation.

BH Foundation, Bosnian History - NOK 30.000,00 Documentary movie about BiH citizens escape from war-torn country to Norway,

Mostar Blues & Rock Festival - NOK 190.684,00 Mostar Blues & Rock Festival acts as a platform for intercultural dialog and uses music as a universal language to overcome differences and promote common human values.

NGO RODA - Research and Organizational Development Association, Necessary knowledge and skills for unemployed youth - NOK 114.479,00 Increasing competence and employability perspectives of unemployed youth in disadvantaged conditions with special concern for the gender balance.

 Creative Centre Trebinje, “I do not want to be a shadow” -  NOK 126.049,00 Improvement of quality of life for persons with handicap in Trebinje - Infrastructural adjustments to the swimming pool and inclusion of persons with special needs in to public life of the community

 TV Zurnal, Center for Media Development and Analysis. Video Dossier - NOK 190.799,00 Recording series of investigative TV-contents on the largest corruption scandals in BiH. The series would be done through an independent production of online magazine Žurnal (, and would have at least 12 TV's reports with duration from 30 to 45 minutes.

Primary School Vrazici, Equipping library with new books - NOK 24.499,00 Purchase of books for the poor village school library.

UNDP, Improvement of the livelihood areas of accomplished return - NOK 400.677,00 Sustainable berry farming, certification of farmers and SMEs for Global GAP, providing access to markets for the successfully implemented refugee return process 

Dom zdravlja Stolac (Health Care Center), Stolac - NOK 111.805,00
Purchase of medical equipment and furniture for a mental health care unit in city of Stolac

Association I mi postojimo (We Exist Too), Children have right to education - NOK 108.295,00 Improvement of integration and socialisation of children with special needs in Velika Kladusa municipality and better inclusion into education system.

SOS Children Village BiH, Around the World with Children - NOK 189.455,00 Acquainting children with different cultures through art, music, cuisine, literature, sport, history, geography and architecture in order to expand their horizons and develop respectful attitude towards cultural diversity, equality and inclusion. 

Centre for Civic Cooperation, Recycling, , Livno - NOK 86.240,00 Contribution to promotion of volunteerism as well as philanthropy in a small community of Livno, addressing at the same time issues of proper garbage disposal and establishing eco-sections in schools.

Trade Union of Workers in Commerce and Services of BiH, Advocating for the rights on freedom to organize - NOK 114.460,00 Support to implementation of constitutional right on citizen`s associations and representation focusing on Labor Law.

Nasa perspektiva (Our Perspective), Investment and business cooperation with Diaspora - NOK 104.000,00. Organisation of the First Investment Forum of BH Diaspora in Prijedor region

Roma – Women, Gymnasium “Mesa Selimovic – Tuzla”, Modernization of IT Cabinet, Basic education - NOK 135.467,00 Modernization of IT cabinet in Gymnasium Mesa Selimovic in Tuzla. IT cabinet will be used by 2000 pupils and various Women centres and Roma organisation in the region for the basic IT education.

General Agriculture Association, Raspberry Plantations, Blagaj - NOK 154.730,00 Establishment of raspberry plantation in the area of sustainable return - Novi Grad - RS.

Municipality Doboj Jug, Green Market, Plac - NOK 71.462,00 Green market construction - Employment for women from rural areas in Doboj Jug municipality

Athene Prosjektledelse, International Business Matchmaking Platform - NOK 99.215,00 Establishing of WEB based match making platform as a tool to support various matchmaking agents (individuals, companies and international organizations) in order to raise awareness and educate on IPR.

PD Dzemal Bijedic, (Mountaineers Association), Prodjoh Bosnom kroz gradove (Around Bosnia) -NOK 24.803,00 Educational tours - trekking/walking, visiting historical and natural sites in BiH for 50 poor primary-school aged children

European Defendology Centre,  How to overcome hate speech - NOK 111.045,00 Discussions and research in order to stop the hate speech-national, religious, social and political

Association Suada Dilberovic ,We cherish Olympic spirit in Sarajevo - NOK 27.818,00 Marking 29 anniversary of Sarajevo Winter Olympic Games and 19 anniversary of Lillehammer, cooperation with Nansen Dialogue Center in Lillehammer    

Youth Centre for Education and Development, School without violence - NOK 93.003,00 
Prevention of socially unacceptable behaviour of children in primary school age

Sarajevo Open Centre, NATO, Gender and Security - NOK 108.717,00 Support the BiH implementation of the UNSCR 1325, especially activities in reference to the increased participation of women in decision-making and promotion of the UNSCR 1325.

Chess Club Bosna, Chess match Carlsen vs Predojevic - NOK 8.995,00 Video link and broadcasting of the opening of the match and production of short TV story  

Woman Association Udruzene, Visit of Norwegian wool designers - NOK 21.538,00 
Visit of the Norwegian wool designers to two associations gathering women - victims of violence using knitting as a therapy.

Scanteam, The role of religion in sensitive political context in BiH, - NOK 272.106,0 The study seeks to examine the dynamics between religion and politics and investigate in what way this dynamic may fuel or shape inter-ethnic relations in both positive and negative directions.

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Race for the cure in BiH - NOK 57.240,00 The women`s health empowerment program. Unique multicultural program with a network of 25 NGO`s from all across BiH. One of integral activities is the Race for the Cure of BiH.

Sarajevo Film Festival 2013, U.G. Obala Art Centre - NOK 95.400,00 Support to the SFF 2013 through the following sections: Sarajevo Talent Campus, Sarajevo City of Film and Regional forum

Ministry of Education of Canton Sarajevo, New Curriculum - NOK 148.518,00   Creation of new curriculum in line with goals related to the education reform

Tuzla Municipality, Kaleidoskop festival - NOK 57.240,00 Youth Culture Festival in Tuzla gathering youth from the region of Western Balkans  

Association Marathon, 1st Women's Race - NOK 26.712,00 Women's street race in Sarajevo - promotion of women's health  

Euro Rom, Strengthening Roma community Poljice through education -
NOK  94.987,00
 Promotion and encouragement of education among Roma population in area of Poljice settlement

Zena Romkinja, (Roma Women) Return to education of children and adult Roma people - NOK 92.770,00 Promotion and encouragement of education among Roma people in area of Zavidovici

Alfa, Bihac, Education builds the World without differences -  NOK 100.135,00
Inclusion of Roma children into education system, developing psycho-social and material assistance, creativity and social skills.  

Department for foreign Affairs, Uniforms for Ministry of Security, officers engaged in immigration center - NOK 190.799,00 Uniforms for Department for foreign Affairs, officers engaged in immigration center

Media Centre Foundation,  Sarajevo Notebooks -NOK 121.518,00 Non-commercial literature magazine. Re-establishing abruptly severed lines of communication between various regional and ethnic communities of former Yugoslavia

Intera Technology Park, Connecto 2013 - NOK 40.506,00 Conference CONECCTO 2013 - the purpose of the conference is to encourage collaboration and the initial contact and unite resources, knowledge and energy between regional and entrepreneurs from the diaspora to create new business opportunities and create new jobs.

Konjic Municipality,  School Kitchen - NOK 162.023,00 
Equipping Highschool Kitchen in Konjic to improve the line for education of young Chefs and service personnel.  

Equipping of Brčko Red Cross (BDRCA) - NOK 40.506,00 Equipping of Brcko Distric Red Cross with the necessary equipment for conducting search and rescue missions. The BDRCA cooperates closely with the Sogn and Fjordane Red Cross Association in Norway. High female involvement and participation.

Construction of drainage system in Roma settlment – Breza Municipality-  NOK 112.404,00 - Building a 185 meters pipeline/drainage of a creek used as sewage, flowing through a middle of Roma settlement in Breza Municipality. The creek/sewage represents huge health threat for approximately 400 habitants of the settlement.  

 Mammogram – NGO Svjetlo, Vitez - NOK 202.530,00 - Co-financing / equipping medical department in Vitez with the mammography machine / x-ray machine for early discovery of breast cancer and improvement of the health care services in Vitez area. Women`s issues.

 Park for Children – Visoko Municipality - NOK 76.556,00 -Construction of a park for children and elderly people in Visoko Municipality. Visoko Municipality is one of five municipalities in BiH that is led by a female mayor.

Milosevic in the war and the Hague - Document– University of Sarajevo -NOK 20.253,00 Promotion of the book: Milosevic in the war and the Hague - by Kjell Arild Nielsen

Bus Race for Cure – NGO Buducnost-ZA - NOK 4.050,00Transport for members of women's association of breast cancer patients. Two buses are needed for transport of members of the association to Sarajevo for a huge gathering - walk through city, marking the fight against breast cancer 

 Summer School of Democracy – Forum of Tuzla Citizens - NOK 33.418,00 - Combination of lectures of academics, human right activists and politicians from the region and intensive discussion with the participants on the topics of Conflict and post conflict Cooperation.

 Seed Forum Sarajevo - 2013– Stifelsen Seed  Norway - NOK 85.000,00 - Conducting the 2nd Seed Forum in BiH - tool to facilitate a key financial market place in the innovative system in BiH

Norwegian Ski School– ZOI 84 Ski club - NOK 92.050,00 - Basic school of cross-country skiing, competitions at two winter resorts and youth/students from both BH entities – Federation and Republic of Srpska

Road Construction – Osmaci Municipality - NOK 202.530,00 - The project aims to raise the economic activities in the rural areas of the municipality and improve the quality of life for habitants of rural areas and to create preconditions for development by constructing the macadam road. Connect the two entities.

Sarajevo Heart of Europe website – Sarajevo Heart of Europe foundation - NOK 32.405,00 - Creation of website for marking of 100 years of the "Shot in Sarajevo".

 Sarajevo Holiday Market (SAHM) – Sarajevo Navigator - NOK 86.230,00 - Improving quality of products offered at SAHM thereby contributing to the economic well- being of the producers themselves. SAHM is created with a purpose of offering an alternative selling space for local producers and artisans during the high-yield selling season.

 Forgiveness and reconciliation for long-lasting stability – Center for Critical Thinking   
NOK 104.142,00 - 
Project brings together people from antagonized communities and groups, points out the possibility of “living under the same roof” and encourages the process of integration into the wider community

Sarajevo Diplomatic Bazaar – Fund Raising - NOK 12.497,00 - Annual Diplomatic Winter Bazar - Fund Raising for local NGO`s.

Procurement of a transport vehicle / Ambulance– Public Health Centre Zvornik    
NOK 187.036,00 - 
Improvement of the health care services in rural areas of Zvornik area. Procurement of a transport vehicle / Ambulance for Public Health care Centre in Zvornik.

Safe Community – NATO - NOK 208.284,00 - Establishing better cooperation between Nato and BH Military and local police trough out BiH. Dialogue about advantages of Nato membership.

Equipping Art Workshop – Kindergarten Radost - NOK 20.203,00 - Equipping and furnishing art workshop in kindergarten Radost, Kresevo.

Mountaineering and trekking path – Trebevic Association 
NOK 47.796,00
Making of Mountaineering and trekking path at Mt.Trebevic as well as a website and workshops on environment for students of 10-14years of age.



The overall goal of the Strengthening Civil Society Fund is to strengthen the participation and competence of civil society organizations in BiH in their role as civil watchdogs, conducting advocacy and monitoring political and public institutions’ priorities, performance and reforms, hereby contributing to social and political development in BiH.

Priority areas

• Reconciliation and democratization processes 
• Anti-corruption, transparency and accountability
• Independent media
• Marginalized groups
• Human and social rights

Organizationz Supported:

Pink TV, Launching of SCS Funds - NOK 63.587,00 Launching of SCS Funds through the most popular TV debate show. Through this show the Ambassador presented purposes and goals of SCS Funds.

NUBL – People’s University of Banja Luka, Education of Female Members of Political Parties in BiH - NOK 1.874.000,00 Project will educate female members of political parties from BiH for active involvement in work of political subjects

Jazz Fest, Music Meeting Sarajevo 2013 - NOK 496.466,00 Project for young musicians from BiH and Western Balkans. More than 35 activities enabling artists to meet colleagues, collaborate, gain new knowledge from lecturers and contribute to the development of civil society and to reconciliation process.

PAF - Peace Academy Foundation,  How foreign donors can assist potential change agents in BiH - NOK 50.180,00 - 
The project aims to provide decision-makers within foreign donors with concise and empirically grounded information regarding the effectiveness of civil society advocacy efforts in order to improve such programs.

Forbidden forum, Villa Hills, Promotion and capacity building of civil society -
NOK 369.165,00 - 
Serial of five TV talk shows, most popular of that kind in BiH with different topics from civil society sector: 1. Civil society in BiH, 2. Disabled - why are they "invisible" in BiH 3. Children rights - Primary education system in BiH, 4. Gender equality/Women empowerment- Do women have their say in BiH 5. Local community in BiH 



Jazz Fest, Halka - NOK 450.000,00 Promotion of LGBT rigths. Music projects including musicians from both, Republika Srpska and Federation, recording an album of traditional Bosnian songs, plus 14 concerts at medieval fortresses and concert venues.  

NGO Gram Concordia, Uxor - NOK 415.090,00 Free legal aid to marginalised groups in wider Zenica area.

ICMP – International Committee of Missing Persons, Rights based advocacy within missing person’s process in BiH - NOK 395.068,00 ICMP will support civic society through fostering the increased involvement of youth in rights-based advocacy and facilitate a civil society forum to lead the process of joint memorialisation of missing persons in BiH 

Sarajevo Open Centre, Mainstreaming of the rights of LGBT persons into BiH society - NOK 343.438,00 Public visibility of LGBT community, capacity building actions and mainstreaming LGBT rights into the BiH society.

Knitting for an Empowered life , NGO Udružene - NOK 1.460.925,00 - Joint project of two NGOs aiming for the improvement of lives of women – also victims of sexual violence during the war. Parallel process - inclusion in society and legislation and recovery/empowering through knitting and employment.

Research and knowledge dissemination on security needs in BiH, Atlantic Initiative (AI)
NOK 669.969,00 - 
Publication of AI`s research results, in-house security expertise for outreach activities in Euro-Atlantic integration process, promotion of Euro-Atlantic integration process.

Operation Kino, NGO Obala Art Centar - NOK 382.234,00 - Operation Kino is focused on maximum utilisation of human, spatial and material resources in developing cultural and other social activities.

People Advocate for Social Change, NGO Prava za sve - NOK 581.219,00 - Project aims to combat discrimination of marginalised groups, primarily women exposed to multiple discrimination, in accessing economic and social rights in BiH trough sustainable dialogue between NGO`s and parliament and government.

Improvement of the content for/of minorities, Zid – Radio Sarajevo - NOK 500.000,00 - Improvement of the content of / for minorities on the web and radio. Developing the activities on social networks, stronger engagement of female columnists, promotion the process of BiH integration to EU on the web and radio broadcasts.

Tales of Transition III, SCCA - NOK 300.000,00 - Multimedia project carried out by young journalists with the focus on transitional justice, minorities, human rights and EU integration.

Education of the NGO-s sector on election observation, Ass. of Schools of Pol Studies of COE in BIH - NOK 680.671,00 - The aim of this project is to give the knowledge and training for the members of the NGO`s and improve their capacities in observation and monitoring of elections.

Ordinary Heroes: Tales of Moral Courage & Rescue, PCRC - NOK 304.300,00 - Multimedia and educational project that promotes reconciliation and inter-ethnic cooperation.