Call for proposals for projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs hereby announces a call for proposals under the grant scheme for Western Balkans - for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The projects must be in line with the objectives of the grant scheme:

  • Peace and reconciliation
  • Economic growth, innovation and job-creation 
  • Strengthening of rule of law through capacity building of courts, prosecuting authorities, prisons and the police.
  • Fight against corruption and organized crime. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affair`s Grants Portal must be used for all applications. Application deadline is 27 April 2018.

 More information about the grant scheme and how to apply can be found at

‘The countries of the Western Balkans need to implement comprehensive reforms to guarantee democracy, strengthen the rule of law, create jobs and achieve economic and social progress. They are currently among the poorest countries in Europe, some of them with youth unemployment rates of up to 60 %. It is vital for these countries to succeed in their efforts, so that they can once again contribute to development, cooperation and security in Europe. This will be in the interests of both Norway and Europe as a whole,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Søreide.