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Any person who receives services as specified in the Regulations relating to fees payable at Norway’s diplomatic and consular missions shall pay fees to the mission in accordance with the rates set out in the appendix to the regulations.

In Australia, the fees are to be paid in Australian dollars based on the embassy's exchange rate. The fee must be paid when the service is provided. The embassy does not accept American Express, Diners Club, personal cheques or cash.

For payment of fees to the consulates, please contact the appropriate consulate in advance for information about available payment options.

Fees for applications for visitor visas, residence permits and citizenship must be paid by credit card, in euro and Norwegian currency, online through the Application Portal.


Fee schedule updated 02 January 2020


Adults  AUD 90
Minors (under the age of 16) AUD 55


No fee is charged for minors under the age of 18  
Application to keep Norwegian citizenship (retention) 0
Application to get back Norwegian citizenship  NOK 2.700

Work and residence permits:

No fee is charged for minors under the age of 18  
Work permit (including Working Holiday permit) NOK 6.300
Study permit NOK 4.900
Researcher with own funds NOK 4.900
Au pair permit NOK 8.400
First time family reunification permit NOK 10.500

Visa applications:

No fee is charged for minors under the age of 6  
Visa for a maximum stay of  90 days:  
Adults € 80
Minors under the age of 12 (6-12 years) € 40

Maritime affairs:

Issuance of Certificate of Receipt of Application (CRA) AUD 90
Issuance of Provisional Certificate of Nationality  AUD 90

Notarial acts (incl. Verification of signature)

AUD 60
For return of or sending documents, including passports, applicants must enclose a pre-paid self-addressed Australia Post envelope or a courier satchel.