Checklist for all applicants


  1. Valid passport, valid for at least six months and with minimum blank 2 pages and 1 copy of the ID-pages of the same passport.
  2. Application form and cover letter printed from the application portal (the confirmation received by email)
  3. One passport photo (not older than 6 months)
  4. Travel insurance valid in the Schengen countries for the period of the travel - coverage of a minimum of 30,000 Euro.
    The following are exempted from travel insurance:
    1. Dependent family members of a EU or EEA citizen (spouse, child or parent with proof of these family ties and the dependency)
    2. Holders of diplomatic passports
    3. Professional seamen and other professionals who are already covered by a travel medical insurance as a result of their professional activities.
  5. Airline ticket reservation.
  6. Copy of valid ID card (for Angolan citizens).
  7. Proof of subsistence:
    1. If not invited: Bank statements or salary slips and statement of employment.
    2. If invited: Invitation letter and guarantee form which can be downloaded from Norway (, Iceland (Utlendingastofnun) and Denmark (Udlændingestyrelsen) Forms vary depending on the country of destination. For Finland invitation letter followed by copy of inviting party’s passport and means of income, tax form, salary slip, bank statement or similar.
  8. Hotel reservation if not staying with an inviting party.
  9. If you are invited by a family member please provide proof of the family relation (Angolan ID cards, birth certificates, marriage certificate or similar official documentation)
  10. Proof that the family member is an EU/EEA citizen/or resident.
  11. If you are under 18: A written consent from both parents or the parent not joining you on this trip stamped by MIREX.

The possession of a visa does not give you an automatic right of entry to a Schengen country.

When you cross the border into the Schengen area, you have to present:

your passport with the visa sticker
proof that you have enough money to support yourself during your stay may be requested (e.g. cash or a credit card). If you have a guarantee form, you should bring a copy of this and the address of the inviting person.
documentation showing the purpose of your visit, such as an invitation, hotel reservation, etc.
travel insurance
a return or round trip ticket