Joint Statement by the Nordic Countries and Canada at the OSCE Chairpersonship’s Security Review Conference

Delivered by Ambassador of Iceland, Kristín A Árnadóttir, Vienna, 28-29 June 2023

Thank you, Mr. Chair,

I am delivering this Statement on behalf of the Nordic countries, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, as well as Canada.

Earlier this week on 26 June, the Prime Ministers and the Heads of Government of the Nordic countries and Canada met in Iceland to affirm and embrace their enduring and close partnership and appreciate its future potential.

Today we wish to affirm the unity of our group and our commitment to our shared principles and values, including our joint support and unwavering solidarity with Ukraine.

Allow us please to reiterate a shortened version of the statement issued by the Ministers after the meeting and stress that this is the steadfast view of all our countries.

“The fundamental principles of the rules-based international order are under serious pressure as the rule of law as enshrined in international law including the UN Charter continues to be tested in the most brutal ways. Effective and inclusive multilateralism is needed to address global challenges such as the climate crisis, the biodiversity crisis, global inequalities, and to ensure peace and stability. The leaders expressed their firm commitment to the enduring value of the Arctic Council and remain focused on continuing the important work for the benefit of the Arctic region and the people living there, including Indigenous Peoples.

The Nordic countries and Canada reiterate their unequivocal support for Ukraine for as long as it takes and their unwavering commitment to Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders. Russia must immediately stop its illegal war of aggression and withdraw its forces from the entire territory of Ukraine. The increased threat of nuclear weapons is of grave concern and requires reinforced international efforts on arms control, disarmament, and non-proliferation.

We support the Ukrainian Peace Formula as an important basis for just and sustainable peace, anchored in international law, and we are committed to support Ukraine´s recovery and reconstruction. Engaging all relevant partners, including private companies and international and Nordic financial institutions is essential. Continued support for vulnerable countries impacted by Russia’s war of aggression, particularly related to food and energy security, remains top of mind.

The leaders welcome international efforts to hold to account the political and military leadership of the Russian Federation for its war of aggression against Ukraine and the establishment of the international register of damage established at the Reykjavik Summit of the Council of Europe. We welcome the agreement on the new International Centre for Prosecution of the Crime of Aggression against Ukraine (ICPA) in the Hague and express support for investigations by the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, as well as the ongoing work of the Core Group for the establishing of a tribunal for the crime of aggression.”

I thank you, Mr. Chair.