Statement on the Russian Federation's Ongoing Aggression against Ukraine

As delivered by Minister Counsellor Knut-Are Okstad at the Permanent Council, Vienna, 8 February 2024

Dear Madame Chair

Norway has aligned itself with the statement made by the EU, but I would like to add the following in my national capacity.

Norway condemns Russia’s recent missile attacks, which have killed Ukrainian civilians in Kyiv and a number of other locations during the last 48 hours. Ukrainian society has demonstrated impressive resilience and fighting spirit. Norway stands with Ukraine in its legitimate war of self-defence against Russia’s illegal war of aggression.

Long-term, predictable support is essential for Ukraine. Norway welcomes the recent announcement that the EU has agreed to provide 50 billion euro to Ukraine, ensuring regular and predictable financial support until 2027.

Last week the Norwegian Government presented a white paper on the five-year Nansen Support Programme for Ukraine. Totalling 75 billion NOK (nearly 7 billion euro) for the period 2023-2027, it is Norway's largest ever commitment to a country at war. The programme provides both military and civilian support, including humanitarian aid. We are doing this both in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and because Russia’s illegal aggression is a serious threat to European security.

It is worth mentioning that the Nansen Programme has unanimous support from the Norwegian Parliament. The Programme’s duration of five years sends a powerful message to those at the frontline and beyond that Norway's support is a steadfast commitment to support their fight against Russia’s aggression.

Norway’s military support aids Ukraine's defence through contributions such as air defence systems that have proven vital in protecting civilian areas. Our civilian support helps to repair critical infrastructure, secure essential public services, such as heating for Ukrainian homes during winter, and salaries for crucial public sector workers.

The humanitarian aspect of our support focuses on both immediate relief and long-term safety measures, such as demining efforts. These actions reflect our commitment not just to meet immediate needs but to support the rebuilding and recovery of Ukraine.

As we stand in solidarity with Ukraine, we are inspired by its resilience. Norway remains dedicated to supporting Ukraine's Peace Formula, actively participating in efforts to forge a just and lasting peace, shaped by and for Ukraine, reinforcing our commitment to uphold the principles of sovereignty and international law.

I thank you.