Statement in response to the Presentations by the Chairs of the Three Committees

As delivered by Ambassador Anne-Kirsti Karlsen at the Permanent Council, Vienna, 18 April 2024

Dear Mr. Chair,

I join others in acknowledging the extensive and critical work accomplished by the chairs of our committees throughout 2023 and 2024. These committees are not just groups; they are vital platforms where states convene to exchange ideas, share best practices, and delve deeply into the multifaceted challenges of security that affect us all, across every dimension.

Mr. Chair,

In these trying times, marked by unprecedented challenges, including the continuing Russian aggression that casts a shadow over our collective security, the role of our committees has never been more crucial.

The work of the Security Committee, under the guidance of the dedicated leadership of Ambassador Burian, is instrumental in tackling non-military security threats and reinforcing our commitments against transnational challenges. The focus areas such as cyber security, protection of critical infrastructures, and border management are pivotal in maintaining the safety and integrity of our nations.

Ambassador Raunig, the emphasis on good governance, food, and energy security, and sustainability is commendable in the Economic and Environmental Committee. Climate change may in the end become our most important security threat. The intersection of environmental challenges with security risks requires our urgent and continued attention, which this committee adeptly provides.

The Human Dimension Committee continues to be a pillar of endurance, addressing pressing issues like the rights of minorities, and children, and the freedoms that are essential for a just society. The dialogue facilitated by Ambassador Callan and her team is invaluable, and the comprehensive approach to topics relevant to conflict zones is particularly noteworthy.

We appreciate that all three committees have included the gender equality perspective in their work.

Mr. Chair,

I extend my profound gratitude to Ambassadors Burian, Raunig, and Callan for their exemplary leadership. Their efforts not only reflect their dedication but also embody the spirit of cooperation that is essential for the success of the OSCE.

Thank you.