Statement in Response to the Report by the Director of the Conflict Prevention Centre

As delivered by Councellor Stein Paul Rosenberg at the Permanent Council, Vienna, 4 July 2024

Thank you, Madame Chair,

I join others in welcoming Director Fearon back to the Permanent Council and thank her for her informative report on the activities of the Conflict Prevention Centre. We commend her and her team for their unwavering efforts under challenging circumstances, including the ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine and with limited resources.

Norway deeply values the CPC's support for field operations. These operations are a cornerstone of the OSCE’s work, providing essential on-the-ground support to member states. The CPC’s guidance on project management and evaluation ensures that these operations maximize their impact despite resource constraints.

The CPC's role in crisis management and conflict prevention is crucial, particularly given the current geopolitical tensions. The Extra-budgetary Support Programme for Ukraine exemplifies the CPC's ability to mobilize expertise and resources swiftly. We appreciate efforts in humanitarian demining, psychological support for children, and disaster risk reduction in Ukraine. We encourage Ukrainian authorities to develop further the strategic partnership with the SPU to enhance the effectiveness and reach of these vital initiatives.

The work on Small Arms and Light Weapons control is another vital area. By coordinating international efforts and providing targeted assistance, the CPC helps to reduce the risks associated with SALW proliferation. This work is essential for regional stability and security.

We also commend the CPC’s initiatives on Security Sector Governance and Reform. The focus on democratic oversight and women’s participation in security processes is critical. These initiatives promote inclusive and accountable governance, which is fundamental for sustainable peace.

Norway welcomes the CPC’s work in supporting human rights defenders and their critical role in maintaining peace and security. Protecting those who stand up for human rights is essential for upholding the principles of the OSCE.

Norway remains committed to supporting the CPC and its indispensable work. We urge all member states to ensure that the CPC is adequately resourced to continue fulfilling its mandate.

Thank you.