Statement on the Russian Federation's ongoing aggression against Ukraine

As delivered by Ambassador Anne-Kirsti Karlsen at the Permanent Council, Vienna, 6 July 2023.

Thank you, Mr Chair,

Norway condemns Russia’s illegal war of aggression against Ukraine and irresponsible attacks on civilian infrastructure.

Let me reaffirm that Norway will provide strong financial, economic, humanitarian, military and diplomatic support to Ukraine.  For as long as it takes. Last week, during the Chair’s security review conference, the Norwegian representative referred to the Nansen program, Norway’s five year support programme for Ukraine, which was unanimously adopted by the Norwegian Parliament, the Storting.

Mr. Chair,

Russia’s unjust war has brought nothing but casualties, suffering, devastation and destruction, first and foremost for the Ukrainian population. This morning we once again woke up to the news of Russian missile attacks in Ukraine, as far west as Lviv. We hear disturbing reports of civilians killed and injured. Last week it was Kramatorsk, Sumy and Kherson. Russian aerial attacks on Ukraine are terrorising the civilian population, causing unbearable suffering.

We continue to be deeply concerned about the security at Europe’s biggest nuclear power plant, Zaporizhja. It is unacceptable that nuclear power plants of any kind are instrumentalised in this war. The plant is on Ukrainian territory and the control of the plant should be returned to Ukrainian authorities.

Mr Chair,

The war in Ukraine is undermining all the decisions and agreements this organization is built upon, with consequences for the security, welfare and development in the whole region.

We again urge the Russian Federation to withdraw its troops from Ukrainian territory and end this war.

Thank you.