Statement in response to the Thematic report of the SG OSCE and climate change: progress in 2022 and prospects for the future

Delivered by Ambassador Anne- Kirsti Karlsen at the Permanent Council, Vienna, 2 March 2023.

Mr. Chair

Like others I would like to commend the Secretary General for the thematic report on OSCE and climate change and express our strong support to its recommendations. Norway has followed the discussion on climate change and security with particular interest over the last years, not least in our tenure as member of the UN security council. We see the OSCE as an important format to continue this work on a regional level, and to see if we can identify measures and produce tangible results. Thus, we also support the practical work to this end by the OCEEA as well as several OSCE missions.

Colleagues, today, no nation can find lasting security without addressing the climate crisis. The risks that climate change impacts pose to international peace and security are real and present. While climate change rarely, if ever, is the one root cause of conflict, its cascading effects make it a systemic security risk. Including in the OSCE region.

We as participating States should pay more attention to the climate change and security nexus and follow up on the decision from Stockholm. In the context of the OSCE I find it important to stress that climate change adaptation and mitigation have great potential to serve as peacebuilding measures. It can facilitate dialogue and cooperation between conflicting parties towards a common goal. Risks of conflict can also be reduced by promoting climate-sensitive economic activities along with women's self-determination.


Thank you