Statement at the CiO Security Review Conference 2023

As delivered by Ambassador Christian Syse, Special Representative for Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vienna, 28 June 2023


The war in Ukraine is undermining all the decisions and agreements this organization is built upon. With consequences for the security in the whole region.


We will continue to support Ukraine, financially, politically and militarily. For this purpose, we have created a multiyear programme, reaching into next parliament. . The aim of the programme – which a united Norwegian parliament supports – is a Ukraine that can freely decide its own future and continue to defend its independence.

Non-use of force, sovereignty, territorial integrity and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms are at the core of the OSCE. It is the failure to uphold these principles and commitments that leads to a legitimate search for security guarantees. 

The security architecture in this region is under pressure and loosing relevance. Norway stands ready to engage in this work, based on the commitments and principles enshrined in the Code of Conduct (for Political Military Aspects of Security).


The OSCE is the right place to address European Security and stability given the organization’s inclusive mandate and participation. All participating states should engage to seek common solutions to common challenges. For this we need a functional organization with an agreed budget and a legitimate leadership. We call on the Russian Federation to muster that will. Now.

The OSCE has the relevant tools at its disposal to support any conflict-reducing efforts, by means of the valuable work done by its structures, field operations and institutions. This was shown during the informal Structured Dialogue discussions on the OSCE Toolbox this winter.

The tools, however, can only be effective if the states involved allow them to be.


A well-functioning OSCE is not only needed in Ukraine.  

Continued focus by the OSCE in the Western Balkans is necessary for stability as well as democracy in the region.

Norway is concerned with the situation in the occupied regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia in Georgia. The OSCE can play a greater role in assisting efforts towards peace and reconciliation. We see the need for a continued OSCE role in finding a peaceful, negotiated resolution in Nagorno-Karabakh.

The OSCE has a pivotal role in finding a solution to the Transnistrian conflict. We need the OSCE on the ground and appreciate the extension of the field mission to Moldova.

Fourth and final,

Multilateral diplomacy and dialogue is very much needed. Misery, fear and pain have replaced prosperity and lively neighbourhoods for many people in our region.

The OSCE plays a significant role to stability, peace, human rights and democracy for more than a billion people. All these efforts have contributed to a more peaceful and prosperous region. We must fight the forces that are tearing down years of common efforts for a stable and secure Europe. Norway calls on all participating states to uphold our common principles and agreed obligations – in letter and in spirit.