Norway in response to the Head of the OSCE Programme Office in Bishkek and the Acting Director of the OSCE Academy in Bishkek

As delivered by Minister Counsellor Henrik Malvik at the Permanent Council, Vienna, 25 May 2023

Thank you, Mr. Chair,

I join others in welcoming Ambassador Rogov and Dr. Satarkulova to the Permanent Council and thank them for their reports.

Mr. Chair,

Norway is firm in its belief that the OSCE’s field operations are among the greatest assets this organization possesses. For them to function properly and according to intention, they need to have good relations with the host country. Ambassador Rogov, we are pleased to hear that you and your team’s relations with the host country’s leadership are good and that Kyrgyz authorities actively and continuously support the implementation of the Programme Office’s mandate. In this regard, we highly appreciate the well-functioning Consultative Mechanism with government and civil society partners.

We commend Ambassador Rogov for his efforts as head of the Programme Office and support him and his team’s approach to conduct activities across all three dimensions of security, and in line with the mandate, the host country’s priorities, the priorities of the chairpersonship, and in line with OSCE commitments. I would especially like to commend the work done on the enhancement of democratic processes, strengthening national and cross-border security, promoting gender equality, and the rule of law, as well as activities to mitigate climate change and enhance economic development.

Mr. Chair,

As a donor of extrabudgetary funds to the OSCE Academy in Bishkek, Norway is pleased to hear that the Academy continues to build its strong reputation and expand its academic network as a regional academic center. We applaud how the academy has developed and improved its academic programmes. Norway will continue to be a strong supporter of the academy, as it is a flagship for our organization, contributing not only to individual students and academia, but also to regional cooperation and integration.

Thank you.