Norway on the Renewed OSCE European Security Dialogue

Delivered by State Secretary Eivind Vad Petersson, 8 February 2022.

Mister Chairman in Office, Foreign Minister Rau, Dear colleagues,

We share the same conviction as expressed by the Polish Chair in Office and other participating states that the OSCE is the right place to address European Security. The OSCE is the natural home for a dialogue on overall European security, given the organization’s inclusive mandate and participation.

We therefore welcome this meeting, the concept paper and the possibility to discuss the proposed baskets of issues with all OSCE states - within a set time frame.

Security is not given for ever, but has to be guided and regained over and over again. The participating states have agreed on many valuable sets of commitments and guiding principles within the OSCE. Living up to these commitments is demanding. Within the OSCE framework, we try to encourage and assist each other to strengthen the implementation of our committments across all three dimensions, and address key challenges.

The present security situation in our region calls for a renewed and strengthened dialogue. It can only be achieved if all participating states engage. We need to be open-minded and act in good faith, in order to seek - and reach - common solutions to common challenges. These discussions should not change the existing architecture or weaken the commitments we have undertaken. The Helsinki Final Act and all commitments that have followed are fundamental to our security. Indivisible, comprehensive and cooperative. We expect that all participating states continue to implement our shared OSCE commitments .

We acknowledge that different states will have different approaches on how to achieve security. Therefore, it is important to uphold our common body of security arrangements. At the same time, we are ready to discuss concrete grievances and concerns. We need all participating states onboard in these discussions and encourage Russia to reconsider its decision not to take part in the present initiative.

We must identify elements of common ground for the way forward. For strengthened security in Europe. Norway is ready to engage in this renewed dialogue.