Statement on “Cancellation of Exercise Joint Viking 2021”

Delivered at the 967th Meeting of the Forum for Security Cooperation, Vienna, 03 February 2021.



Madam Chair,

Colleagues, I would like to inform the FSC that on 26st of January, Norway decided to cancel the notified exercise Joint Viking 2021 (CBM_NO_20_0013_F30_O).

The exercise was planned as this year’s main exercise, was notified as such according to Vienna Document plus (FSC) decision 9/12 and should have taken place in March.

The decision to cancel was taken as part of stricter measures to halt the recent outbreak of a mutant variant of Covid-19 in Norway.

The cancellation was notified to all OSCE participating states the 1st of February by notification CBM_NO_21_0002_F41_O

Thank you.


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