Statement in response to the report by the Secretary General

Delivered by Minister-Counsellor Henrik Malvik at the Permanent Council, Vienna, 2 September 2021.


We thank the Secretary General for raising the situation in Afghanistan and highlighting the role of the OSCE.

Thousands of Afghan civilians - young and old - are once again leaving their homes in fear of their lives and future. The country and its population are facing a multi-layered crisis of very significant proportions. A sustainable end to the conflict in Afghanistan can only be achieved through an inclusive, just, durable and realistic political settlement that upholds human rights. We are especially concerned for the situation for women and girls, human rights defenders, media workers and civil society representatives.

The OSCE must support those participating States that now feel the consequences of the situation in the neighboring country of Afghanistan. We must build on the excellent work our organization through the field missions is already doing on issues such as border management control and the fight against radicalization and violent extremism, and further strengthen these efforts in the Central Asian region.

Norway calls for an immediate end to violence in Afghanistan, the restoration of security and civil order, and urgent talks to resolve the crisis of authority and to arrive at a peaceful settlement. We will support any efforts that the OSCE can support or shoulder to this end, in OSCE participating states and among Asian partners.

Thank you