Statement on recent developments in Belarus

Delivered by Ambassador Anne-Kirsti Karlsen at the Permanent Council Vienna, 1 October 2020.


Mr. Chair,


We note that the human rights situation in Belarus has not changed markedly for the better since the issue was last raised here in the Permanent Council. This is regrettable and we again ask the authorities in Minsk to adhere to the human right commitments they have themselves agreed to.

Norway was among the participating states invoking the Moscow Mechanism on September 17. We have taken note of Belarus’ decision not to appoint their own expert to the mission. We hope, however, that the expert mission will be given every opportunity to fulfil its mandate to prepare the best possible report.

We also note that the offer from the present, and the incoming, Chairperson-in-office, of a visit to Belarus in order to facilitate dialogue still stands. We strongly urge the authorities in Minsk to accept the offer


Thank you