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The Norwegian Embassy in Budapest was established in 1968. The Embassy in Budapest is also covering Slovenia.

Dear visitor, welcome to the website of the Norwegian Embassy in Budapest! 

The Embassy serves the interests of Norway in both Hungary and Slovenia. The undersigned presented the letter of credence to the President of the Republic of Hungary János Áder in Budapest on 19 October 2016 and to the president of the Republic of Slovenia Borut Pahor in Ljubljana on 28 October 2016. This marked the official start of my service as Norwegian envoy in these two countries.

Norway, Hungary and Slovenia are connected and bound together i.a. by our membership in the United Nations, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the Council of Europe, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and not least through the values and interest we share and protect as members of NATO and the European Economic Area. The contact and cooperation surface between Norway and the two countries is consequently quite comprehensive and definitely broader than geography, trade and population size might indicate.

One of the main objectives of the Embassy is to promote and strengthen mutual trade and investment. The potential in these areas is far from exhausted. It is an important task to deepen information, contact and cooperation between Norwegian and Hungarian and Slovenian businesses respectively.

All of our countries confront challenges with regard to transition to a green economy, the shift to a low-carbon society and a more rational and efficient utilisation of nature’s and the community’s resources. Obviously, there are numerous opportunities for cooperation in this field, both between the governments, companies, education, research and development institutions, and many other entities and actors in our societies.

Jointly we dispose of unique possibilities represented by the EEA and Norway grants financial mechanisms. I am looking forward to the continuation and expansion of programmes for the period 2014-2021 and an enhanced strategic use of funds in order to build even stronger relations between Norway and partners in Hungary and Slovenia.

Europe presently faces some very serious challenges, both in the east and in the south, which have clear security implications for our countries. One challenge is represented by Russia’s unacceptable violation of international law and agreed norms with regard to Ukraine and other countries, another challenge, obviously, is represented by the many refugees, asylum seekers and the migratory pressure on Europe from underdeveloped countries, conflict and war zones in several regions, such as in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Our governments share the conviction that only a strong and unified Europe in a successful way can manage these and other challenges. Political consultation and the promotion of common solutions will therefore take a central position also in the activities of this Embassy.

I also should underline the importance we attach to travel and tourism, exchange of students, teachers and researchers, common people-people contact and cooperation between institutions in our countries. Above all, Hungarian universities have many Norwegian students enrolled, and Hungary is also a particularly popular travel destination. Each of our countries have unique sights and experience to offer, both at shorter and longer visits.

In the final event, the individual person and his/her interests are the central theme also for the work of an embassy.

The Norwegian Embassy greets all friends of Norway, Hungary and Slovenia. We are at your disposal with regard to additional information and advice, if required!

Olav Berstad



Ostrom u. 13.
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