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You may have already heard about #OurStories campaign, or this may be the first time you hear about this project. The #OurStories campaign includes inspiring stories from the projects made possible by the EEA and Norway Grants. Through the EEA-grants the donor states, hereunder Norway, is having close cooperation with among others Czech partners in a wide range of topics. Justice, Bilateral cooperation, Health, Research, and Environment are some of the topics our countries are working on together through sharing knowledge and expertise. The projects being shared through #OurStories campaign are just a small selection of projects being implemented and finalized throughout this EEA-and Norway grants period. The projects are aiming at making Europe more inclusive, democratic, and greener.

#OurStories: Local action, global impact: students from Přelouč join the Youth for Climate project. Climate change is one of the most pressing global challenges of our time and its impact is felt around the world. This project aims to motivate and involve the young generation in climate protection at local level. This project is supported under the Active citizens fund. 

#OurStories: Together with children against drought. A cooperation between Norwegian and Czech partners , both municipality, schools, and educational and cultural centre. The Together with Children Against Drought project provides invaluable experiences for children through outdoor learning and active participation in conservation efforts. At the same time, it strengthens their environmental awareness, helps them develop respect for the environment and contributes to the sustainable care of nature. This project is part of the education program.

#OurStories: Troufni SI, is a project under the Active Citizens fund. The project aims to strengthen civil society, active citizenship and empower disadvantaged groups.  But also increase the participation of young adults in civile participation with a focus on structurally disadvantaged regions and youth inclusion. 150 young people have already joined the project, implementing 48 projects and participating in a total of 217 events. 

#OurStories: Mentoring makes it easier for convicts to return to the world without bars. A project under the justice programme with cooperation between the Norwegian partner Åpenhet and Czech partner ProEduCo and the project promoter Volontè Czech. The main goal of the project is to create adequate conditions for the resocialization and reintegration of clients returning to freedom from imprisonment, to support them in the positive aspects of their development and to activate them to solve their problems and make changes leading to the prevention of recidivism. 

#OurStories: Mental health teams for children and adolescents as the future of Czech education system? The aim of this project is to support the psychological health and well-being of children and adolescents in the area of Kutná Hora region, thereby improving access to relevant services in the area. The project builds on a cooperation between the Norwegian partner Ostbytunet Center for Treatment and Professional Development in Child Psychiatry and the Czech partners Pedagogical-Psychological Counseling Office, Central Bohemia and Kamenná Stezka, Kutná Hora Primary School.

#OurStories: #StopHate project opens the debate for the first time on harassing behavior towards publicly active women. This project is under the Human Rights program with the project promoter Forum 50%. The project raises the awareness of the professional and lay public about gender-based violence against a specific group of women - politicians and publicly active women - and opens up a discussion about its possible solutions.

#OurStories: PROFiBONE: A groundbreaking material for biomedicine is being developed. It can be used to 3D-print bone replacements. The aim of this project under the research program is development of a professional bone implant through low-temperature 3D printing of biofunctionalized ceramic bone implants with tunable mechanical properties. This to meet the specific needs of patients and promote bone healing. 

#OurStories: Connected by glass! Connecting the heritage of art glass, the Roma community and Norwegian artists. The main aim of the project is to support, present and promote the unique phenomenon of glass production in the Železný Brod region in conjunction with the project partners, which are Norwegian glass artists and the Museum of Romani Culture in Brno.

#OurStories: The city of Tábor takes cooperation with the Roma community as an opportunity. These two projects fall under the Human Right program. The project "All together" strengthens the voice of the Roma community and its responsibility in solving current issues in the territory under the administration of Tábor municipality.  The goal of the project "Motivation for education" is to solve the failure of Roma children in the educational system in Tábor using the tools of social work, leisure and special pedagogy, through mutually complementary activities aimed at parents, children and experts.

#OurStories: The Ostrava project REPLACE – Green in place of concrete transforms concrete areas into attractive green locations. The aim of the project is to contribute to the mitigation of the impact of climate change and to the recovery of the environment in connection with the Healthy City priority, which is anchored in the Ostrava Strategic Plan. This project is part of the Environment program.

#OurStories: Life beyond bars & punishments. Prisons shouldn’t be a one-way ticket – coming back is what truly matters. This project, supported by the Norway Grants, opens the door for more prisoners to turn their lives around. With the support from the Justice program this project facilitated so that the first probation house in the Czech Republic has opened its doors with a mission to modernise the approach to correctional services as part of the “Back To Life” project, funded by the Norway Grants.

If you want to learn more about the #OurStories campaign you can find videos of the projects on Youtube or read more about the projects at the eeagrants webpage.