Statement on the 13th Independence Anniversary of South Sudan

| Juba

On behalf of the Government of Norway, I wish to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the people of South Sudan on this 13th Celebration of Independence.

Norway has been standing by the people of South Sudan for more than half a century. Driven by values of freedom, democracy, gender equality and human rights, we provided support through difficult times. Thirteen years have gone by since independence. We had expected more.

We continue to stand by the people of South Sudan. Norway’s support to the people of South Sudan endures in numerous ways, with the latest being our backing of the Tumaini initiative.

Political leaders are the custodians of the well-being of their people. We continue to urge the transitional government of South Sudan to find solutions that unite, and urge the leaders to dialogue in good faith.

We want to see the necessary preparations for peaceful and credible elections, including unification of the armed forces, opening of civic and political space, and credible, independent electoral institutions.

Happy Independence Day South Sudan!

H.E. Linken Nymann Berryman,
Norwegian Ambassador to South Sudan.