Statement on the occasion of International Women’s Day

| Juba

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today we celebrate the crucial role women play in creating positive change in societies. I want to especially pay tribute, to all the women of South Sudan. Your incredible resilience and strength set an example for many.

Investing in Women is a proven success story. We have experienced this in my own country. Norway is known for its vast natural resources. Yet, human capital far exceeds any natural resource in economic importance. As a former Norwegian Prime Minister expressed a few years ago: the Norwegian women’s increased participation in the economy since the start of oil exploration in the early 1970s have had a larger impact on our economy than the revenue of our oil and gas during the same period. This has become a reminder of the importance of investing in human capital and resonates well with this year’s theme for International Women’s Day.

South Sudan is facing critical times. The transitional government and its political leaders need to act with urgency and in a consultative and inclusive manner to take the steps necessary for setting the course for credible and peaceful elections, as underlined by the trilateral mechanism IGAD, AU and the UN with the ten questions to be answered urgently. Investment in human capital, especially women, health and education is the responsibility of a government. I urge the transitional government to prioritize investments in its human capital by investing its resources where it yields the best returns for sustainable prosperity and peace in South Sudan.

Happy International Women’s Day!

*Linken Nymann Berryman, Norwegian Ambassador to South Sudan.*