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Joint donors

A Call for Partnership in Addressing Humanitarian Need in South Sudan


The Embassies of Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Delegation of the European Union reaffirm their support for the South Sudanese people. In the face of worsening humanitarian crisis, the international community has provided more than $1 billion in humanitarian assistance in South Sudan this year alone. We are all appalled by the conflict in Sudan which has created dire additional humanitarian need and has placed an extra burden on the South Sudanese people.

We expect the transitional government to be a full partner in the effort to ease suffering and save lives in South Sudan by increasing its financial contribution to the humanitarian effort. We also call on the transitional government to take concrete steps to reduce the costs of delivering aid, such as those generated by checkpoints and other illicit efforts to extract revenue from humanitarian aid operations. Ultimately, ending the humanitarian crisis requires an environment conducive to substantial economic growth and reduced dependency. Such an environment will only be possible if the transitional government meets its peace commitments, introduces transparency and accountability, and prioritizes the use of public revenue to meet public needs.