Gather the necessary documentation

All relevant documentation must be provided at the time of the appointment. It is your responsibility to ensure that all required documentation is provided.  If you do not submit all documents, the application may be delayed or rejected.

All documentation must be presented in original. The embassy will make certified copies as needed to send to the National Population Register.

The following documentation must be provided with all applications. The Tax Administration may request further documentation if deemed necessary due to individual circumstances.

Application form

The application form for applications for personal number is not available to the public but is completed by the embassy during your appointment.

Application fee

There is no fee payable for the application for personal number, but there is a fee payable for the passport application.  

Applications for passport

For applicants under the age of 18, applications for personal numbers must be lodged together with an application for passport. Please see the embassy's website Applying for passport for information about required documents for the passport application.

Applicants 18 years and older cannot submit the application for passport together with the application for personal number. Instead they must first apply for a personal number and once that has been allocated, come back to the Embassy to apply for the passport.

Biometric data

The following biometric data will be captured by the embassy during the appointment:

NB! Please note that the biometric data capture depend on the applicant's age when the application is submitted. However, the biometric data required for the passport depend on the age of the applicant when the passport is issued. Applicants who turn 10 or 12 years of age after the application is submitted but before the personal number is allocated will thus have to come back to the Embassy to re-capture biometric data as the requirements will have changed. The same applies to applicants 18 years or older.

Checklist for personal number applications

The documentation required when applying for a personal number, differs depending on the applicant's individual situation. To assist you in identifying the required documentation for your situation, please fill in the questionnaire below for each applicant. This will create a checklist which if followed should ensure that you will not be turned away due to lacking documentation during your appointment.

How to document residence status