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Siste policy-tilrådinger publisert av OECD

OECDs temasider om koronapandemien blir kontinuerlig oppdatert og utvidet med analyser, data og policy-tilrådinger. Her finner du listen over de siste publikasjonene og oppdateringene, samt en liste over kommende publikasjoner.

NEW BRIEFS PUBLISHED (from 12.02 to 23.03.2021)

Business and key economic sectors

  • COVID-19 and a new resilient infrastructure landscape: provides context by presenting high-level observations on the impact of COVID-19 in infrastructure. Aspects of resilience are briefly described such as physical, operational, financial, and governance, while broader considerations such as shifting demographics or technological change are also explored. This is followed by a section on how COVID-19 could impact infrastructure going forward.
  • Business dynamism during the COVID-19 pandemic: Which policies for an inclusive recovery?: discusses policy responses implemented to support businesses, promote telework and maintain entry and exit across markets, and proposes policy interventions to phase out emergency policies and promote a strong and resilient recovery.
  • COVID-19 and multilateral fisheries management: discusses the impact of COVID-19 on regional Fisheries Management Organisations (RFMOs) oversight and management capabilities and gives recommendations on how RFMOs could cooperate to minimise the impact of COVID-19 and strengthen their functioning and governance.

Employment and lbour markets

  • Supporting jobs and companies: A bridge to the recovery phase: describes the impact of COVID-19 and response measures on the labour market, highlighting the impact on and need for support measures in key sectors and the promotion of measures which encourage hiring, business creation and prevent bankruptcies.

Environment and climate

International co-operation and development


Resilient healthcare

  • How unconscious cognitive biases facilitated the COVID-19 pandemic

Trade and supply chains

  • Trade Finance in the COVID era: Current and future challenges



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