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Siste policy-tilrådinger publisert av OECD

OECDs temasider om koronapandemien blir kontinuerlig oppdatert og utvidet med analyser, data og policy-tilrådinger. Her finner du listen over de siste publikasjonene og oppdateringene, samt en liste over kommende publikasjoner.

Policy-tilrådinger publisert av OECD fra 25. januar til 12. februar 2021:


  • COVID-19 pandemic: Towards a blue recovery in small island developing states: highlights the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic across small island developing states (SIDS), providing an overview of the support delivered by development co-operation providers to face the crisis, and suggestions to ensure that international support can lead to a fast and sustainable recovery in SIDS.

Education and skills

Inequalities and social challenges

International co-operation and development

Trade and supply chains

Resilient healthcare



Business and key economic sectors

  • COVID-19 and a new resilient infrastructure landscape
  • Business dynamism during the COVID-19 pandemic: Which policies for an inclusive recovery
  • COVID-19 and multilateral fisheries management

Inequalities and social challenges

  • The Inequalities-Environment Nexus: Towards a people-centred green transition

Trade and supply chains

  • Using trade to fight COVID-19: Manufacturing and distributing vaccines
  • Global Value Chains: Efficiency and Risks in the Context of COVID-19




  • Report: Perspectives on Global Development (15 February)
  • Report: Towards a Skills Strategy for Southeast Asia: Skills for Recovery and Growth (15 February)
  • GDP growth statistics (18 February)
  • Report: Counterfeit trade through shipping containers (22 February)
  • G20 trade statistics (23 February)
  • Report: Ending the shell game: Cracking down on the professionals who enable tax and white collar crimes (23 February)
  • OECD Competition Day (24 February)
  • BIAC LCM (25 February)
  • G20 Finance Minister’s Meeting and OECD Tax Report to Ministers (26 February)
  • Report: SIGI Regional Report for Southeast Asia (26 February)

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