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Siste policy-tilrådinger publisert av OECD

OECDs temasider om koronapandemien blir kontinuerlig oppdatert og utvidet med analyser, data og policy-tilrådinger. Her finner du listen over publikasjoner og oppdateringer fra 23. november til 22. desember , samt en liste over kommende publikasjoner.


Business and key economic sectors

Digitalisation and innovation

Education and skills

Employment and labour markets

Fiscal and monetary policies


Resilient healthcare

  • Testing for COVID-19: How to best use the various tests?: provides an update to an earlier OECD brief on such strategies in the light of recent developments in testing technologies, and examines the role of rapid antigen tests which can be combined with different technologies to offer a cheaper, simple-to-use and point-of-care complement to molecular tests.

Trade and supply chains

  • Getting goods across borders in times of COVID-19:describes the insights into the evolution of new border protocols and trade facilitation measures impacting traders since COVID-19 and exploring what more can be done to prepare for the next stages of the pandemic as uncertainty persists.


Inequalities and social challenges

  • Securing the Recovery, Ambition, and Resilience for the Well-being of Children in the post-COVID-19 Decade

Trade and supply chains

  • COVID-19, international mobility and trade in services: The road to recovery
  • Global Value Chains: Efficiency and Risks in the Context of COVID-19



  • Report: Development Co-operation Report 2020: Learning from Crises, Building Resilience (22 December)


  • Data: Consumer price index (7 January)
  • Report: Making Better Policies for Food Systems (11 January)
  • Report: Science, Technology and Innovation Outlook 2021 (12 January)
  • Data: Unemployment Rates (13 January)
  • Report: OECD Economic Surveys: Turkey (TBC 14 January)
  • Data: Composite leading indicators (14 January)
  • Report: Perspectives on Global Development (TBC 15 January)
  • Data: Employment statistics (18 January)
  • Report: Africa’s Development Dynamics 2021 (19 January)
  • Internal meeting: OECD Council on Communications (21 January)
  • Virtual event: The role of Responsible Business Conduct in building resilience (21 January)
  • Report: Southeast Asian Economic Outlook (25 January)
  • Report: Global State of National Urban Policy (29 January)

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