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Siste policy-tilrådinger publisert av OECD

OECDs temasider om koronapandemien blir kontinuerlig oppdatert og utvidet med analyser, data og policy-tilrådinger. Nedenfor finner du listen over publikasjoner og oppdateringer fra 19. oktober-23. november, samt en liste over kommende publikasjoner.


Business and key economic sectors

  • Rebuilding tourism for the future: COVID-19 policy response and recovery: discusses the impact of COVID-19 on the tourism industry and policies government can implement to restore and reactivate the sector while building long term resilience with consideration for the staying ahead of the digital curve, supporting the low carbon transition, and rethinking tourism for the future.

Digitalisation and innovation


Inequalities and social challenges



Business and key economic sectors

  • Enterprise policy responses to COVID-19 in ASEAN: Measures to boost MSME resilience

Education and skills

  • The impact of COVID-19 on student equity and inclusion: supporting vulnerable students during school closures and school re-openings

Employment and labour markets

  • COVID-19 and key workers: What role do migrants play in your region?


  • Government financial management and reporting in times of crisis

Inequalities and social challenges

  • Building a coherent response for a sustainable post-COVID-19 recovery
  • Towards gender-sensitive and inclusive recovery: Leveraging the role of the state

Trade and supply chains

  • Getting goods across borders in times of COVID-19






  • Report: OECD Economic Outlook (1 December)
  • Policy response: Walking the tightrope: Avoiding a lockdown while containing the virus (1 December)
  • Online meeting of Parliamentary Group on AI (2 December)
  • Forum Virtual Event:Healthcare Systems in a Digital Age (3 December)
  • Report:Revenue Statistics / Consumption Tax Trends 2020 (3 December)
  • Report:OECD Economic Survey: Poland (3 December)
  • Report:OECD Economic Survey: Brazil (4 December)
  • Report:OECD Pensions Outlook 2020 (7 December)
  • Virtual Event:2020 Global Forum on Competition (7-10 December)Report: OECD Pensions Outlook 2020 (7 December)
  • Report:OECD Economic Survey: Germany 2020 (8 December)
  • Virtual Event:Global Productivity Forum: “Market Dynamics, Competition and the Role of Industrial Policy in the Context of the COVID-19 Crisis” (8 December)
  • Virtual Event:Global Forum Plenary: Transparency for Tax Purposes in the Time of COVID-19 (9-11 December)
  • 60thanniversary of the signature of the OECD Convention (14 December)
  • TUAC Liaison Committee Meeting (16 December)


Visit the OECD digital hub to discover new highlights and other useful resources on OECD’s response to the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis