Norway Visa Application Centre

Are you planning to travel to Norway and need a visa or residence permit? From 30th January 2019 applications will be handled in Beijing.

New hub system and application center:
As from 30th January 2019, the Norwegian Embassy in Tokyo will no longer receive applications for visitor’s visa or residence permit to Norway from applicants residing in Japan. Instead, the applications must be submitted to the new visa application centre in Tokyo run by VFS Global, which will forward the applications to the Norwegian Embassy in Beijing (the Hub) for processing.

Apply in Tokyo – collect in Tokyo!

Please take note of the following changes when applying to go to Norway after 30th January 2019:

• Where to apply?
All applicants must meet and apply in person at the VFS Global application centre:

Norway Visa Application Centre
VFS Services Japan LLC
SANKI Shiba Kanasugibashi Bldg 4F
1-4-3 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0014 Japan
(same location as the Canada Visa Application Centre)
TEL: 050-5433-7978

• Introduction of a service fee and courier fee
As before, there will be an application fee payable online when you register your application in the Application Portal. What is new, is that applications submitted in Japan also will be subject to a service fee and a courier fee charged by VFS to cover transportation of the application documents between the visa application centre and Beijing. These fees are payable to VFS Global on your application day.

For information about fees, including refund policies, see the website of VFS Global and UDI's fee overview (link below).

• Extended waiting time for Schengen visa:
The processing time for Schengen visas to Norway is up 15 days from the date the application is received at the Embassy in Beijing. Please take note that you should account for an additional 2-3 days for sending the application documents between the VFS application centre in Tokyo and Beijing. We highly recommend that you apply well in advance, at least 4 weeks prior to your planned trip.

For more information on processing times, see UDI's homepage.

• Ongoing applications
Applications for Schengen visa submitted prior to 30th January 2019 will be processed and finalized by the Embassy in Tokyo.
If you have applied for a residence permit at the Embassy in Tokyo prior to 30th January 2019, you will be notified about the decision either by the VFS application centre or by the Hub Embassy in Beijing. If you have given someone Power of attorney to represent you in your case, the notification will be sent to the person you have authorised.