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New passport fees

New regulations for passport and ID cards were announced on 12 October and will take effect from 19 October 2020. From this date, the fee for applying for passports outside Norway will increase.

As of 19 October 2020, the fees for applying for a passport at a Norwegian foreign mission abroad will be:

  • Ordinary passport for applicants over 16: EUR120
  • Ordinary passport for applicants under 16: EUR70
  • Temporary (emergency) passport: EUR160

Please note that the fee is connected to the processing of the passport application and not a document fee. This means that the fee will not be refunded if the application is refused. The fee for temporary (emergency) passports will be the same for children and adults.

The reason for the increase is that it is considerably more costly to issue passports at the foreign missions than in Norway. The new fees cover the cost of issuing and producing the passports, and are calculated based on the average cost per passport at the foreign missions.