Norwegian course

Folkeuniversitetet Nordland offers study videos at level A1 and A2 for the Norwegian language. Please find more information about the videos and on how to participate below: “These videos make it possible to learn the Norwegian language from anywhere in the world, all you need is a PC, mobile phone or tablet with internet access.

The learning platform is MOODLE :


The Norwegian course for beginners, will give you a good foundation for using Norwegian in everyday situations.

Course content: - An introduction to pronunciation and the alphabet, as well as to numbers, clock, dates and prices. - Functions: Greetings, introductions, speaking a little about oneself, asking someone their name, nationality, etc. - Talk about one's family and friends. - Talk about the weather. - Telephoning for information, ordering something. - Fill in a form. - Ask and answer simple questions, ask for help. - Communicate in a very simple way, where the conversation partner speaks slowly and clearly. - Write a simple greeting or message.

Registration to the course:[]=online

We offer 24 hours free trial to the course.

If you wish to try out this offer for 24 hours, please send Bylgja Björk Johannsdottir at Folkeuniversitetet [email protected]  an email, and you will receive a username and password.

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