Photo by Ben M on Unsplash

Norway fighting maritime littering

After long hours of deliberations, the UNs 4th Environment Assembly (UNEA) the 14th of March 2019 adopted a resolution on maritime littering.

The proposed resolution was a result of the merging of three similar proposals from Norway, Japan and Sri Lanka, all focusing on the severe consequences of waste in our oceans.

The resolution has three main objectives:

  1. Strengthen the knowledge base of policy development in relation to UNs environmental program. This will be done through bringing together existing knowledge environments and mechanisms, comparing information, as well as developing indicators so we can more easily measure results.
  2. Establish a global forum for all relevant actors who are working on fighting maritime littering. Such a forum will join a broad field of participants, who can share their knowledge and experiences of measures to battle maritime littering. This kind of platform can also contribute to increasing consciousness regarding possible solutions, as well as create a database on existing mechanisms and standards. It will also facilitate regional cooperation.
  3. Continue the process between the states to strengthen the international framework, focusing on mapping existing initiatives and measures, identifying financial mechanisms and increase coordination between donors, researching necessary structures of governing to limit maritime litter and establishing a stronger cooperation between industry and private businesses.

At the same meeting, Norway, represented by Minister of Environment Ola Elvestuen, was elected president of UNEA from March 2019 until the fifth UNEA in Februar 2021, where the adopted resolution will be followed up.

The resolution: