Services and information

The Norwegian Embassy in Lusaka was closed 1st of July 2016. The Norwegian Embassy in Lilongwe has taken over the responsibilities to look after Norwegian interests in Zambia.            

In 2015, The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it will close down five of its embassies during 2016, and that the embassy in Lusaka was one of the embassies affected. The other three are in Zimbabwe (Harare), Kazakhstan (Astana) and Bulgaria (Sofia).

Norway’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Børge Brende, explains that the foreign service is under continuous adjustments and restructuring in light of budgetary constraints and new priorities. “We have to adjust to a changing world and the resources available”, he says.

Norway has been present in Zambia since 1971, and established an embassy in 1995. Even without an Embassy, ties between Norway and Zambia will continue. Norway remains a contributor to projects in governance, agriculture and natural resources management. There is also an ongoing interest from Norwegian businesses to invest in Zambia.

Bistand til nordmenn i Zambia

  • En honorær konsulent for Norge i Zambia er i ferd med å bli utnevnt. Inntil videre, kontakt den norske ambassaden i Lilongwe, Malawi. For bistand utenfor ambassadens åpningstider, kontakt Utenriksdepartementets operative senter på +47 23 95 00 00.

For all other issues, please contact the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Lilongwe.