The result of your application

Applicants will be notified by e-mail from VFS, and SMS if the applicant has opted for this service, when the passport can be picked up.

If a visa has been granted, it will be affixed to the passport.

Please check the following information on the visa sticker:
- That name and surname is correctly spelled 
- The visa's period of validity
- Permitted number of entries
- Permitted duration of stay
- Passport number

If there is an error on the visa sticker, please contact the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok.

Appealing a decision

If an application was rejected by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok, the appeal must be submitted to the Embassy by e-mail (, please write "appeal" in the subject field) or letter/courier. See the rejection letter for more information.

If an application was rejected by the Directorate of Immigration (UDI), the appeal must be sent to the UDI by uploading the documents on their website.

More information about the appeal process and processing times can be found on the UDI website.