Travelling as a group?

Then you may apply all together and save time!

If you are 2 or more people travelling together to Norway (as a family or for business or tourism purposes), it is highly recommended that you apply as a group.

Plan well ahead!
Remember that you can apply 3 months prior to the planned arrival in Norway (and Schengen)!

For bigger groups (more than 40), we would be happy to hear from you well in advance and invite you for a meeting, to ensure a smooth process for all parties.

How to register a group?
You may register applications for 15 people in each group on Application Portal Norway. Initially you will have to choose the "visa group option". 

visa picture

If you have many groups, remember to give individual group names in the Application Portal, in order for us to differ between your groups. For example: “HappyHanoi travel company Norway 1”, then “….2, 3 etc.

You register payment only once, which also makes for a speedier process.

Save more time by group appointment at VFS!
All first time travelers to Schengen have to meet personally to provide fingerprints and photo. Please make sure that the whole group can go to the same VFS visa application center (in Hanoi or HCM) in order to submit their documents and provide their fingerprints on the same day.

You are welcome to contact VFS Global directly ( to book a group appointment for a speedier process.

In your email to VFS, please write “group appointment Norway” + name of the group in the subject field. Include the list of applicants (names and passport numbers) and suggested date for submission.

Ensure to bring all required documents according to the check list and ensure correct registration of travelling days and entries. (Single entry will normally be the correct choice for first time travelers).

Information on routines and regulations can be found through the Application Portal Norway, and at the Embassy’s home page.

The Embassy would like to wish you a pleasant visa application process and a pleasant trip to Norway!