Avoiding trade frauds

The Norwegian Police have advised foreign companies to use video conferencing and record their communications to ensure secured transactions.

This comes out after 40 cases of scams have been reported, in which fraudsters created websites to mimic those of actual seafood exporters but with fake contacts.

In addition, the Norwegian police also draw foreign companies’ attention to some possible signs of frauds, specifically:

  • Foreign partner wants to communicate via Whatsapp or Skype
  • Payment accounts are opened with a bank outside Norway
  • Correspondences are not made via business email, but by public email like gmail
  • The VAT number on the website has 10 digits (Norwegian companies’ tax code only has 9 digits)
  • The domain name of a company's website doesn't end with the .no
  • The company's website does not have a Norwegian version.


Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade has also warned Vietnamese companies about this on its website (in Vietnamese). Click here for the article.