The result of your application

VFS will return your passport when the application has been processed.

Please use the online tracking for updates on where your passport is. The Consulate General in New York does not have this information. 

If you have been granted a visa, a sticker will be placed in your passport. Please check the duration of stay and number of entries specified on the sticker. The duration of stay indicates how many days you are allowed to stay in the Schengen area.

If your application has been rejected, you will receive a written explanation as to why it was rejected. You can appeal the decision and the letter will explain how to send the appeal. 

If you applied for a multiple visa without the necessary documentation or without qualifying for a multiple visa and decide to appeal this decision, you must confirm in writing that you do not want to use the visa you have been granted to proceed with the appeal. The issued visa will then be cancelled. 

If you want to know how visa applications are evaluated, you can look at the following documents: 

Visa practice for citizens in the green category.

Visa practice for citizens in the yellow category.

Visa practice for citizens in the orange category.

Visa practice for citizens in the red category.

You can also check your nationality directly through this page