Processing time

The processing time for applications is normally up to 15 calendar days after the embassy or consulate has received the application. In some cases, applications are sent to the Directorate of Immigration (UDI), and the processing time in these cases may be up to 45 calendar days.

Please remember that the courier time to and from the Consulate General may be between 1 and 7 days in each direction. 

For urgent cases, inform VFS of this at the time of submission and provide documentation why the case is urgent and the Consulate General will take this into consideration when processing the case. 

Applicants who are citizens of the following countries are subject to a week long prior consultation with other Schengen states before a visa can be issued. 

We strongly recommend that applications are submitted to VFS at least 4 weeks prior to departure in order for the Consulate General to be able to process the case in time for the intended departure.

We also recommend submitting all required documentation, as missing documentation and needs for clarification will lead to delays in the processing. 

Genuinely urgent cases will be handled urgently, but tourist applications are not considered as urgent. Tourist applicants are adviced to apply well in advance and should not pay for any bookings before a visa has been approved. 

Where is my passport?

You can track your case through the VFS tracking system: