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Travel restrictions and/or entry to Norway + Covid-19 vaccine passport

The Royal Norwegian Consulate in San Francisco cannot answer any specific questions related to inquires about travel restrictions and/or entry to Norway, or Covid-19 vaccine passports. Not by email nor by phone. Below you will find all the necessary information you need to find answers to your questions about traveling to Norway. Please note that your airline and any countries you are transiting through may have their own requirements.

The Norwegian Government has gathered Information and advice about the coronavirus situation from Norwegian authorities in one page. This contains up-to-date information and links to the different authorities. Please visit this page for details. The information provided below is a subset of the information and advice.

Who can enter Norway:
All Norwegian citizens can enter Norway, regardless of reason for traveling. As a foreign citizen residing in the U.S., if you are unsure if you can enter Norway or not at this time, please see: Residing in a country outside the EU/EEA/Schengen - UDI

The U.S. CDC vaccine card is not accepted as proof of vaccination upon entry to Norway. If you wish to be counted as a vaccinated person upon entry, your vaccine must be registered in one of the following registries: the Norwegian, Swedish or Danish registries which has a certificate with a QR code that can be verified by the Norwegian authorities, or a COVID-19 certificate following the EU rules for digital corona certificates. The Norwegian government can only advise on how to register the vaccine in the Norwegian system.

Here is information about how to register your vaccine in the Norwegian system (you must have a Norwegian personal number or D-number):
Entry of international COVID-19 vaccination into the Norwegian Immunisation Registry SYSVAK -

Once the vaccine is registered in SYSVAK, you must retrieve the QR code from Helsenorge. If you have digital access to Helsenorge, you can retrieve your information directly from Helsenorge – din helse på nett - If you do not have digital access, you can get the QR code mailed to you: COVID-19 certificate for non-digital users ready on Thursday - NIPH (

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Quarantine upon entry:
Here is a link you can use to get personalized information pertaining to quarantine and other information you need to know before arrival (in Norwegian only):
Karantenesjekken: Se hvilke regler som gjelder for deg - Helsedirektoratet

Here is a link that pertain general information about quarantine rules:
Entry quarantine and rules upon arrival in Norway - NIPH (

People with compelling compassionate grounds or other weighty considerations may apply for an exemption from the requirement to stay in a quarantine hotel:
Application for exemption from quarantine hotel - UDI

Entry registration:
People arriving in Norway from countries/areas that are subject to a duty to quarantine must register before crossing the border. This also applies to Norwegian citizens, but not to people who qualify as fully vaccinated and people who have recovered from COVID-19 during the past 12 months (must be registered in the same way as vaccinations).