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Norway Sends 50 Tons of Medical Supplies to Iraq

Calling the humanitarian situation in Iraq “critical,” Foreign Minister Børge Brende recently announced that Norway is sending 50 tons of trauma surgical and other medical supplies to Erbil, Iraq.

This will allow nearly 10,000 people to receive lifesaving treatment, according to Mr. Brende.

“10 million Iraqis are affected by the humanitarian crisis. Right now there is an urgent need for medical care and supplies for civilians who have been severely injured in connection with fleeing Mosul. The UN has asked Norway to contribute, and thanks to good cooperation between the agencies here at home, we can deliver quickly,” said Mr. Brende.

Iraq's second largest city, Mosul, has been under ISIL terrorist control for more than two years. 150,000 people have fled the city in recent months. The capacity of hospitals around both Mosul and Erbil is at breaking point: hospitals must reject severely injured patients and it is not possible to obtain any required surgical materials locally.

Norway contributed NOK 428 million in aid to Iraq in 2016.