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Experience Norway with Norgesskolen this Summer

Norgesskolen is a community of Norwegian children living abroad, as well as a network across cultures and borders. This is a fun place to learn Norwegian! Come visit Norgesskolen in Telemark county this summer between July. 15 and August. 01.

"Norgesskolen for me has been one of the greatest experiences and something I will never forget" Sondre Solvang, student.

Information from the facilitators:

Norgesskolen is a three-week summer school in Norwegian language and culture. The students are children and youth aged between 9 and 18 who wish to maintain contact with the Norwegian language and culture.

Norgesskolen focuses on:

  • improving language skills for students with previous knowledge of Norwegian as well as beginners, and nurturing their interest in Norwegian language and culture
  • developing the students' knowledge and interest in Norway
  • helping the students understand and explore their own Norwegian heritage and develop a network of other children from around the world with common backgrounds
  • teaching students to understand and learn about overcoming cultural barriers in a positive way
  • giving students a glimpse into the Norwegian school system

Norgesskolen is open to children/youth from 9 to 18 years of age from all around the world. Students receive instruction in the Norwegian language, social studies and history. Norgesskolen is carried out from July. 15 to August. 01 2017 in beautiful surroundings in Telemark county. The students stay in dormitories at Sagavoll school and are able to use all the facilities at the school.

Many of the participating students live abroad for a shorter or longer period of time, some have just moved back to Norway, while others live in Norway but want to take part in an international environment.

Everybody may participate - both beginners and those with good previous Norwegian competencies. The students are divided into groups based on age and language level. The school day includes five hours of Norwegian instruction, but they also learn Norwegian in all the activities. The students participate in many sports, outdoor life activities and field trips. The students also celebrate both Christmas and 17th of May. As many as 70% participate several times.

Norgesskolen is run by Norwegians Worldwide (NWW). NWW is a worldwide organization. Their main goal is to strengthen the ties between Norway and people of Norwegian heritage as well as friends of Norway around the world. For more information about NWW visit their website:

For more information about Norgesskolen and how to register, visit their website: or contact them at Norgesskolen by phone  +47 4157 2108 or by e-mail [email protected]

Norgesskolen is run by Nordmanns-Forbundet/Norwegians Worldwide who aims to maintain the contact between Norway, Norwegians living abroad and friends of Norway all around the world.