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Norwegian Schooling – wherever in the world you are

Globalskolen is an institution which offers education in the subjects Norwegian, Social studies and Religion & Ethics.

Globalskolen, or the “Global School”, offers internet-based education to students spending six months or more away from Norway. Globalskolen provides classes in Norwegian, social studies and KRLE (religion and ethics) to children attending local or international schools abroad. As an officially recognized Norwegian school, Globalskolen follows the Norwegian curriculum and guidelines set by the Norwegian Official Education Department. For the autumn semester, Globalskolen has funding to enroll 1400 students, and an early enrollment is important for securing a student’s place.

The following conditions must be fulfilled to become a student at Globalskolen:

  1. The student must have a Norwegian social security number.
  2. The duration of the stay abroad must be for at least one semester.
  3. Students must attend a local or international school in their country of residency.
  4. The student must be of primary school age (between 6 and 16 years).
  5. The student must deliver assessments in 15 of the lessons per semester.
  6. The guardians must pay the tuition fees. You may find the rates on the website below.

Globalskolen has three offers for students from 1st to 10th grade:

  1. The usual classes for students who have Norwegian as their first language.
  2. Norwegian for multilingual students who master Norwegian, but not sufficiently to follow ordinary curricula.
  3. Beginner’s Norwegian, from grades 1-6, for those who have little experience in speaking and writing Norwegian. Assistance from the parents is required. 

The deadline for applying for the autumn semester is August 30, and for the spring semester January 30. You may find more information and the application form on their website: