Before you apply

In order to apply for a visa from the UAE you must have a valid stay/residency in the UAE.

In the UAE, applicants for visas submit their applications at visa application centres run by an external service provider, VFS Global

Please note that the Embassy cannot accommodate for withdrawals of passport while the application is being processed.

WARNING: Visa Agents

There are a number of visa agents in operation throughout The UAE and in the region.

Please note that the Norwegian Embassy in Abu Dhabi has no cooperation with any visa agents. The official partner of Norway in the region is VFS Global.

Applicants are strongly advised not to engage visa agents. They often charge high fees, offer false information, and in some cases have been found to compromise the overall credibility of an application by encouraging applicants to falsify information and documentation. Submitting fraudulent documentation to the Embassy may lead to expulsion from the Schengen area.

Please report any attempts at visa fraud from visa agents directly to the Embassy.