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Norwegian response to use of a nerve agent in the UK

‘The use of a nerve agent in Salisbury is a very serious matter. This is the first time a chemical weapon has been used on European soil since World War II. Such an incident must have consequences. Norway stands together with the United Kingdom, allies, partners and neighbouring countries,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Søreide.

‘I am deeply concerned that the threshold for using weapons of mass destruction seems to be getting lower. It is crucial that we maintain the collective international stance against use of such weapons,’ the Foreign Minister said.

Norway has full confidence in the British investigation and we base our response on the assessments made by the British Government. The investigation points clearly towards Russian authorities. Moreover, Russia has neither helped shed light on the matter nor replied to British questions.

‘On the basis of a broad assessment – which included the reactions of allies and partners – we have today decided to request that one diplomat at the Russian Embassy in Oslo leave the country. This has been conveyed to Russia’s Ambassador to Oslo. With this decision, Norway demonstrates solidarity with the United Kingdom and stands alongside allies and partners in a common response to Russia’s role in this incident,’ Ms Eriksen Søreide said.

‘Like our European partners and allies, we have expressed solidarity with and support for the UK in this matter. I have also communicated this directly in conversations with Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.’ Ms Eriksen Søreide said.