Applicants who applied at the Visa Application Centre

If you have a Power of attorney, the Power of attorney is obliged to inform you about the decision.

If the case is granted, the Embassy will print the visa and send the passport to the Visa Application Centre. The applicant can track the application at the web page of the Visa Application Centre, and will be informed when the passport is returned to the Visa Application Centre. The Visa Application Centre also has a courier service which the applicant can order when submitting the application.

Once you have been informed that the case is granted, you must book an appointment with the police in Norway in order to get a Residence Card. See information on UDI's website on how to do this. Please be aware that you cannot begin to work in Norway before you have been to the police to get a Residence Card.

If you do not have a Power of attorney and the case is rejected, the Embassy will send the rejection letter together with the passport to the Visa Application Centre.


Early employment start

Normally, work immigrants from countries outside the EU/EEA cannot start working until they have been granted a residence permit and been to the police to get a Residence Card. However, if they are skilled workers, they can start working if they have received a confirmation from the police (early employment start). Usually the employer submits the application for a work permit on behalf of the applicant at the police in Norway, and asks for an early employment start. The police will offer a preliminary confirmation of early employment start.

The confirmation from the police is submitted by the applicant at the Embassy, and the Embassy issues an entry visa. You do not need an appointment at the Embassy, but you need to bring your passport and a photography. You must present the passport to the police no later than seven days after the arrival in Norway. The police can then give a confirmation that you can work for this employer until your application for a residence permit has been decided.