Reminder to be vigilant - Demonstrations 17. October

As of 17th October there are currently demonstrations going on in the city center, first and foremost in the area around the Verhovna Rada, Cabinet of Ministers and Bankova (President’s administration) - stretching from Khreschatik Metro station to the Mariinsky Park.  Most of the streets leading to the aforementioned buildings have been closed.

 This demonstration was known beforehand, and the Police Authorities stated yesterday that they would enforce additional security measures and restrict movement in the city center, as they now seem to have done. From what we understand, National Guard forces are also stationed in the area. For now, all is quiet (as of morning 17th October).

 However, there have been reports and rumors, including from the Security Service of Ukraine,  about possible provocations to destabilize the situation in the country during demonstrations. The Embassy has no way of verifying the truth of any such statements, but we would like to take this opportunity to remind all visitors to Ukraine and Kyiv to avoid large public gatherings and demonstrations, especially those that arouse controversy.