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New regulations concerning residence permits for internships in Norway as of September 1st 2018.

The new regulations:

  • As an intern, you must be between 18 and 30 years old.
  • You must be a student at a bachelor or master’s level program.
  • You must provide information about your institution, as well as your course (degree-path and respective program etc.), so as to prove the relevance of the internship.
  • You must not have completed a prior higher education program at the same level (such as a master’s or bachelor’s degree).
  • You must not have prior work experience or have had an internship within the same field as that to which you wish to apply.
  • A residence permit for an internship may be awarded for a period up to six months.
  • You may not renew a residence permit that has been awarded in connection with an internship.

Information about residence permit applications for internship programs in Norway:

Applications submitted to the police, the Embassy or application centers after August 31st will be processed in accordance with the new regulations. Please ensure that you meet the new program requirements before applying.

It will from now on not be possible to apply for a permit renewal if you currently have a residence permit that has been granted as part of an internship program in Norway. However, please do check if you meet the requirements to apply for other residency permits; you may continue your stay in Norway after your intern residency permit expires if you obtain a different type of residence permit.  

The new regulations will also apply if you have already paid the application fee, but have an appointment at the police station, the Embassy or the application center after August 31st. You may choose to withdraw your application if you have applied for a renewal or have applied for the first time and have discovered that you do not meet the criteria. If you wish to withdraw your application and have the application fee reimbursed, please contact the police or the Embassy.

Information for internship-related residence permit applications submitted before September 1st:

We will process your application in accordance with the old regulations if you have applied for a residence permit as an intern (for the first time, or as a part of a permit renewal process), and have already submitted your application to the police, the Embassy, or the application center before September 1st.